Abyss | TB Rocket 33 | 12s3p p42a | BN220 | BN Belt | FS6368

In the wake of the holy spirit Crab Raccoon, I present Abyss.

I want a sleeper thane build that’ll easy outpace a production board without looking bulky. I currently bring Dawn, my kaly build, to school every day. It’s a bit ridiculous. I was supposed to have my floatwheel done for this, but seemingly that ain’t happening any time soon (thanks rails).

I’m not sure about my battery config yet. This enclosure easily fits in a 12s3p p42a, but I’m not sure I want all that heft. I’m thinking 12s2p will probably be enough.

Honestly, I saw this amazing deal and couldn’t say no. The deck is soooo sleek and minimalistic. It has some good concave on the edges, a ridiculous amount of space in the enclosure given its size, and the price.

Current parts list:

Part type Part Name Price Condition
Deck TB Rocket 33" $90 New (Blem)
Battery 12s3p p42a 200 New
ESC Focbox Unity $200 Used
Baseplates Torqueboards 45° $20 Used
Hangers BN220 $40 Used
Motor Mounts BN Caliber 2 $60 New
Motors Flipsky 6368 190kv $120 New
Motor Pulleys 15T 10mm D shaft $20 Used
Wheel Pullies BN 36T Kegel $50 New
Wheels 78a Ollin Popocas 90mm $40 New, second hand
Remote Hoyt Puck RC $30 New
Belts 255-5m-15 $5 New
Bearings Zealous $10 New
Under $700 (not including a batt) is amazing given how powerful this board is. Even with 20 battery amps, it has some serious kick.

I have the build partially assembled with an old 12s1p 30Q pack. It works, but there are a bunch of things that need refinement.

Next Steps:

  1. Motors have about 1cm of ground clearance, which is not enough for NYC streets. I’m gonna add another 8mm riser to the rear and angle the motors up a bit more. I’m also considering switching to caguamas. With the extra 8mm riser, I shouldn’t have wheelbite from the cags. These kegels barely clear. My original plan was 184mm hangers, but I got wheelbite.
  2. Rattle. The lid is directly on the carbon deck with no little gasket, which makes a shit ton of noise. It makes the board barely rideable. It’s louder than my gear driven boards
  3. Motor mount clamps. Unfortunately, boardnamics didn’t have the precision clamps in stock when I bought this. With the regular 2 piece clamps, I lose some of the motor adjustment space. The belts are too tight and I need the new clamps to loosen them. I stuck with this size because it’s the same as the backfire zealot/exway flex, so I’ll easily be able to purchase belts locally.
  4. I have to 3d model a cover for that hole in the lid that also leaves space for the unity power button + charge port. Should be fun considering I have very minimal cad experience. WCGW, right?


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I usually do this, I just got lazy

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With my office going to once a week soon I too need to get my ass in gear and make a more portable board too.

kicking myself for selling the zenit still … looking forward to seeing your end result man always liked that deck :+1:


Can you explain…


You can pm yourself and draft an entire thread that way.


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Draft feature works flawlessly, at least for me, drafts are also easily accessible so that it’s pretty cool.

This build looks freaking awesome!! I know it kinda defeats the purpose of being cheap and light, but this board it’s asking for BN M1’s


I have a set of m1s I was gonna use, but they dont clear with the 80mm wheels :cry:


Dude that is sad, it would totally fit the build aesthetic.

After reading the thread, if you want to use them you will need very big raisers and bigger wheels or an absurdly wide truck… So maybe a board that it’s wider than it is long?

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Lol looking good

Only 20 battery amps total? Or per side


Total as of right now. It’ll be 40 per side whenever I build my p42a pack.


Needs bigger wheels! Lol. Nice build so far. M1’s w 100mm thane would be killer.

1 inch of risers :flushed:

15 inch trucks xD

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We are on the same page. Slap some 3d servisas 320 trucks on there. Wheel bite it’s no more.

i’ll likely switch to cags anyways. I have a set of evolve97s burning a hole in my pocket and I found someone who is willing to trade them for a set of blue caguamas.

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25mm is not that much, my highest has 39mm of riser and I use 25 - 30mm of riser very frequently.


i’m trying to avoid crazy ride height as much as I can. All of my boards are really low to the ground and feel much more planted and stable as a result.

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