Evan's Spring Cleaning. Two complete boards

Will add things here over the coming week.

I’m only home thru this weekend, if you want stuff after this weekend it wont ship for a while

I’m clearing stuff bc my building banned PEVs. even though I’m not gonna adhere to that, the stages of grief I went thru thinking over it caused me to take a self inventory and decide to sell stuff.
No, I dont need 5 boards. 3 is sufficient.

SOLD Appa flux deck + enclosure + heatsink: $300 + Ship

Deck is (obviously) used, Enclosure and heatsink are brand new. Bought the enclosure from flux about a month and a half ago, heatsink from someone on the forum. It’s in great shape. The heatsink hole needs to be sanded a tiny bit as it’s ever so slightly too small, but otherwise it’s ready to be built in.

SOLD Abyss CF Shortboard: $550 + Ship

It’s this board. Updated specs and battery pics are in the sale (this) thread
Board has like 500 miles on it. Love it to death but I need to downsize. Shame, it’s so damn stable yet fun to ride. Taking a pretty big loss on it, but otherwise it wont move.
No charger/no remote. Has a hoyt puck RC internally, and two female 4mm bullets for a chargeport (male connectors on the actual port, female coming off the batt and bms)
Current condition:

Please note: This board does not have an external power switch nor does it have an external charge port. The hole in the deck lid designed for it is sealed off with fishpaper and tape right now, but I will also include an STL + STEP file of a lid I designed for it. It’s a tight fit and has to be permanently adhered to the deck (with epoxy or superglue) but I didnt wanna take that step myself. I will include the unity power switch in the box if you would like to go this route.

I just opened it up to charge it every time. it’s 6 m4 bolts to take the lid off. Super ez

The original build used a 13s daly bms, but that did not work so I have since swapped it to a 12s daly. Charges perfectly, and is perfectly balanced.

Battery build

Final parts list:

Part type Part Name Condition
Deck TB Rocket 33" New (Blem)
Battery 12s3p p42a New
ESC Focbox Unity w/ Xenigochi + GPS Used
Baseplates Torqueboards 45° Used
Hangers BN220 Used
Motor Mounts BN Caliber 2 New
Motors Flipsky 6368 190kv New
Motor Pulleys 15T 10mm D shaft Used
Wheel Pullies BN 36T Kegel New
Wheels 78a Ollin Popocas 90mm New, second hand
Remote Hoyt Puck RC New
Belts 255-5m-15
SOLD Dawn - 12s8p tm3 Flexy kaly street build - $1450 + Ship

Parts list (What you will receive):
Soft flex kaly deck
Eboosted DS enclosure
12s8p tesla model 3 pack (pack #3 in this thread)
@surfnacho cheapskate heatsink powdercoated bronze by @Xtrakritical
Stormcore 60D+ (Toasted 2 mosfets at 1400 miles, repaired by @jaykup, solid for the past 600 miles)
Hoyt puck receiver
Robogochi with external GPS module with a matching pair of anti sink plates
10amp charger with an LP16 chargeport
Trampa precision infinity trucks with Kaly barrel bushings
MBS hubs, trampa bearings, kenda k909 tires + tubes
BN m1-at 4.6:1 ratio
3x Bn 6384 170kv (two at 2k miles, one at 400. Replaced one motor bc i thought it was faulty but its fine)
Spare m1-at housing
Idea trampa precision motor mounts
TB 20mm wide 72t pullies
Radium 20mm wide 16t motor pulleys

The board now has 2k miles on it, and shows its wear. Battery is still perfectly balanced (5mV-8mV group deltas). BN drives arent in great shape, and one of the bolts that couple the wheel adapter to the gear broke. New gears can easily restore the geardrives, but I will also be including a complete belt drivetrain for it consisting of @IDEA motor mounts, @Tony_Stark radium 16t 20mm wide pullies, 72T TB 20mm wide wheel pulleys. The gear ratio remains mostly the same. Up to the end user to take the BN motors off the geardrives and install the belts if they want to. I was going to swap it over to belts but I dont ride the board anymore, and can really use the cash.

Caveat is it will ship with MBS hubs + kendas, no davega as the one currently on there is broken (will replace it with a matching DRI anti sink plate for the front) I cant include the newbee rims as they were a gift to me, and I am not comfortable selling gifts.

The board needs some TLC. The enclosure could use some restoration (optional), the gloss finish on the deck is all scratched up, the griptape isnt very grippy anymore, the whole nine yards. I’m selling this board at a pretty big loss because I have to move on. Board is totally rideable right now.

Idea motor mounts, radium motor pulley, couldnt find the tb pullies for the picture, but theyre bolt on MBS with no flange


Top down


Added a complete build


Bump prices dropped


Not gonna be home for a few weeks. If you’re reading this in the near future and are interested, send me a message and I’ll let you know when I’ll be able to ship

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Is the Appa deck accounted for?

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Still available, won’t be able to ship for a few wks

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The Abyss at that price seems like a crazy good deal! GLWS


I’m shocked it hasn’t sold. The entire point was to sell it as fast as possible. I’m not dropping the price anymore, I’m basically selling it for the cost of a used battery and unity

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I’d buy that just to flip locally (If I wasn’t a broke college student).

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I can pay extra for it if you reserve for like a month @Evwan

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A bit confused at what you’re getting at. Send me a pm.


I have to say the appa deck is pretty cool

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Added another complete build.
Appa flux deck reserved thru the weekend depending on if @Akbrock47 takes it

Also interested in the Appa deck/enclosure if someone backs out.

Love that Appa deck. Wish I had a reason to build a flux.

Whoever buys it needs to be Ang for a Halloween group ride.


Mine didn’t arrive in time for 2021 lol

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Whats kinda amps ya pullin with thay dawn setup? Interested in the board just gotta convinve my girl its a reasonable expenditure first. But i also got a lotts those cells and the amperage potential is something ive seen mized kpinions on

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10 battery amps per cell. Doesnt sag crazy, my 33a/cell p42a setup sags considerably more.
80 batt amps total, somewhere over 3.5kw range. 100 phase amps per motor

Pound for dollar that board is such a bargain

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I hate to say this, but I want the money so I can buy an euc. I need some variety. I love riding, but doing the same trails over and over again with the same pev kinda gets lame

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