2 single esc connection

Hi, I’m about to buy 2 single escs to substitute my burnt dual esc from flipsky. Question is… How do I connect them? Current and receiver I mean… Is there any schematics to follow? Thanks in advance

if they’re a vesc you can either connect via can (canH and canL only) or via split ppm.

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Hi, check out this discussion here


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Thanks for pointing out. Still i cant find the info I’m looking for. I would like to see pictures of 2 single escs setup. I need to understand if I should power only one of them and i’m not familiar with Can-bus or split ppm. Sorry not native english speaker here and total newB. thanks for any info

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You wire them up in parallel.
So your battery plus goes to esc1 plus and esc2 plus at the same time. Same for minus.
For switching on off you will have an antispark Loopkey in the line or any other anti spark switch.
The escs use CAN to communicate with each other. That’s just two wires, can high to can high and can low to can low from one esc to the other.
If you want to run split ppm than you don’t need that CAN cable, but 2 receiver. One for each esc. Both receiver are paired to one remote. That’s not possible with all remotes, so take that in account.
But you could run y-split. Means one receiver connected to both escs ppm input. Take care here that you cut the 5V wire which would go to one of the escs. You need the 5V only from one esc.


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have a look at some diagrams too

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