WTS: Boardnamics M1 Drivetrain + TB 6355 motors [USA] [SALE CLOSED]

Hey, everybody. A lot of you already saw but the TUUB tried to fight a traffic bollard and lost, so I’m seeking venture capital to fund my next bad idea.

EDIT: The sale is over, thanks to everyone for their business :+1:


I’d like the baseplates n riptide jammies. As well as get in line behind Jeff for the box… Just in case you wanna back up lol


Sorry about your lost my guy. You did really good work on that project.

Best of luck on the next build and GLWS :call_me_hand:


Thank you, friendo. I knew from day one it wouldn’t last forever, but I didn’t think it would be that quick lol. Onwards and upwards :+1:

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Manhattan bridge is a bitch. Williamsburg has uneven road but doesn’t have big ass gaps like the Manhattan does. They all suck tho, no getting around that.

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Yeah, not with a thane skateboard for sure. It was never a big problem on blades, so I didn’t expect issues on a board (cuz I’m a noob). Oh well :man_shrugging:

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Damn, so the bridge broke your board?! Even the bridges in NY don’t take no shit from nobody.

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Haha, I think the shocks from the thicc sidewalk cracks dislodged one of the flex sensors, yeah. The board was acting screwy after the bridge. Partly on me for building it in a way that wasn’t indestructible, and for continuing to ride it for a few more hours.

The roads here enjoy fucking you up :joy:

Side note I totally would’ve called dibs on that ubox if I had the chance


Your mistake by existing in florida yesterday lol. Jeff beat ya to it.
What’s his actual tag here? Idk which Jeff he is

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yeah @hoytkid come get ur UBOX

I’ll give you a 3 dollar dominos gift card on top of your asking price :woozy_face:

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Ok then, that changes things :thinking:
Both of yall gotta race to prospect park, first come first serve :smiling_imp:

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I lose then :joy:. This dude goes too fast on his Stoopid euc

haha yup I got that impression

UBOX and the baseplate are sold, drivetrain and backing plates are still up for sale

Plates are sold, drivetrain is still up. I’m also willing to sell the motors/drives separately from the hangar if anyone wants that.

sending you a dm now

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The hanger has been sold, the drive/motor pairs are still up for sale