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A couple guys also swear by a helmet mounted flashlight / light. You are wearing a helmet right?
Hands-free and points in the direction of your head. boom.

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I don’t mind holding a flashlight. I’d rather not have extra weight on my head.

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I have a 900lm on a bike helmet that I use for rollerblading, but there’s no easy way i know of right now to mount a similar one on my moto helmet. I’ll be using the bike helmet for commuting at lower speeds.
Agreed that helmet mounting is awesome, but the only downside is that the lighting appears flat. A helmet mounted light, plus a secondary light lower down to cast shadows over the terrain is the best setup imo.

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Alright nice, hacking a light into a gopro mount sounds doable. :+1:

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Ladies and gentlemen, cocks and wankers of all ages, a tragedy of tragedies has occurred tonight. @jack.luis already spilled the beans on this one, but I must regrettably report that the TÜÜB is dead.

My path to Jack’s shop took me over the Manhattan Bridge, which for those who don’t know, has a bike path designed like a sidewalk but with cracks between the tiles about 2 inches long. After about half a mile of these large jolts, the control system of the board had begun to act screwy and the brakes did not want to engage readily. I shut the board down, carried it the rest of the way, and when I rebooted on smooth pavement everything seemed to be back to normal. However, the braking function continued to deteriorate over the course of the evening. I suspect one of the rear sensors became delaminated from the deck, but this will remain unconfirmed as I don’t want to power the board back up in its current state.

As I rode cautiously back to the train station, the control system apparently decided to give up the ghost and slowly ramp up the throttle without accepting brake input. I ran it off easily enough but the board scooted off on its own into an anti-vehicle bollard. The front enclosure predictably disintegrated, and the front kingpin snapped right off.

Jackson came back to meet up with me and Jeff, bringing the crucial duct tape needed for me to carry my board back home. Thanks again to the both of you for helping out after the crash. :+1:

So goodnight sweet prince, you will be missed. The experiment into hands-free board control will continue at another time, in another form, and the sacrifice of this brave skateboard and the hard-won lessons it provided during its rise and fall will blaze a trail for all those that come after.:metal:


So tragic! Glad you’re okay though


Thanks. I was already riding a lot slower than running speed for this exact kind of reason, and the failure occurred slowly, so I wasn’t in too much danger.


Her first and last group ride


NOOOOOO fuck man this is a sad day indeed! I have a feeling you’re gonna come back with some good lessons learned with a very improved V2 tho :relaxed:


Hells to the yes brother :metal:

The next one will look a lot different. @jack.luis already knows the plan but he’s under an NDA.


The Eads Bridge here in Saint Louis has those exact same things.

If you’re going slow, you’ll have a very bad time. You must hit them at a brisk roll. The smaller the wheels, the faster you need to be rolling. I wouldn’t dare attempt with anything smaller than 97mm.

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Oof, yeah I was on 100s. Good point about going faster, maybe I should have done that. My strategy was actually to carve so that I passed over each crack at an angle. It worked well when it worked, but it was really hard to get the timing right consistently.
I’m just gonna sidestep the problem with better wheel selection next time though.

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the only bridge i’d attempt on thane is the willy b, even still it sucks. those manhattan bridge bumps knocked out one of the phase wire connections on my vanguard as I was going down, nearly throwing me off as my brakes had essentially stopped working. Now I wrap my phase wires in tape and heatshrink to be extra sure.

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107mm to 110mm work fine in my experience IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TOO SLOW. At least on this bridge.

130mm 'thane is a dream on these.

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Holy cow, glad you’re alright. Motors with a loose phase are no joke


Right, I getcha. It didn’t really cross my mind tbh because I knew my control system was affected by rough ground to some degree, so it was never my policy to speed through bumps. I’m sure it works great on normal boards, just like I ride through bumps fast and heel-heavy on rollerblades.

This is another thing, I put more weight on the tail when going over them.

Although I know most folks don’t use tails.

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Deweighting over the cracks helps diminish some of the jarring shocks your board and body take in these situations. Though I’m nott sure how it would work on your strain gages to handle Deweighting

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Oh for sure, anything helps. Board, bike, radio flyer wagon, whatever, you don’t want the front digging into a bump.

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