[US] WTB 2x 6354 or similar

I’ve got a last minute build for a friend’s son’s birthday and am looking for a pair of smaller motors. Anyone got some collecting dust?

Will consider any pair of motors that use 63 series mounts. Let’s see what ya got.

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Sk3 motors are on a crazy sale rn if you are fine with sensorless/hfi


I’ve got a pair of TB6355 motors attached to boardnamics gear drives

Artem can ship my 6374s

Motors only , low miles 90$ shipped
I’ll be out of touch soon for 24 hours, if it’s longer,we’ll then they are his,cuz I’m dead,in that case you make a deal with him, no scooping them from op,if op doesn’t, then ok



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Emergency surgery,my incision site is badly infected,delayed it 24hrs to not have the 20 people subordinate to me out of work for the day, plus another 10 subcontractors. I have certificates that are mandatory per contact, no competent person to supervise,they sit home. With 24hrs, a replacement was not located, but they all were re dispatched. Leaders sacrifice for their subordinates,or they are no leader,are they? Leaving now, if I don’t resurface, it’s been cool, I’ll be back,probably :love_you_gesture:


I wish you the best of health.

Oh these are cheap but ok for kid, 2000w motors whole shebang, 110 shipped

Thanks for kind words,I’m sure I’ll be fine, I’m depressed about another month off(no skatin)


I got what I need, thanks guys.

Godspeed, @Sk8tedad !


No problem

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@Venom121212 my hero

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I’m alive,wish I were not,fuck this hurts!!!


Glad to hear you’re still kicking

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Been trying to kill my sel in a socially acceptable way for years, I’m going to live a long time, I’m still collecting metal parts I wasn’t born with. Got to leav my kids something, they will be able to build a little erector set ,2 plates.3 rods 9 screws so far(forgetting something I think). I inherit;y have recycle value,also,I’m shit faced dunk trying to go to sleep. Rember, lots of people would kill to only have your problems. Clean water comes out of your faucet,give thanks you aren’t walking to get gutter water in an old gas can on your head. Perspective my friends,perspective :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Still have motors? Pm me

I dont think he really comes around here anymore, unfortunately. @Skyart may have an idea of how to contact him.

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Oh yeah he is my pal, you looking for modors? :eyes:


One does not simply walk into modors


The modors chose him

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