WTB: CF Deck (Ownboard/Evolve)

Looking for one of them sweet, sweet integrated decks. I’m located in Canada and am prepared to pay dumb shipping prices if I have to.

Had a bad experience with a very sketchy seller here and finally got my money back from PayPal. Back in the market!


if u are willing to wait:

but please read about the fire incident that happened to this type of deck relate to using 21700 cells

Tomiboiesk8 @tomiboi also offers integrated decks, and they look beautiful af


Will have soon a GTX deck and factory enclosure if you need. From France though…

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We have an Evolve Gen 1 carbon? Would that be of interest?

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My decks only cost about $50US to ship to Canada. I have 9 different flavors right now at tomiboiesk8.com. Message me if you have questions.


Is that the one with the crazy kicktail thing?

Yes, that’s the one. Space for a pretty good battery in there.

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It is

I like everything about the look except that weird kicktail. Just not my thing :frowning:

I love the decks in the first post, but was hoping someone had a used one so I could save on the dollarinos.

take a closer look at the Eovan carbon gts deck.
That thing is sweet :relaxed:

It is the aliexpress one for 80$ more tho :joy:

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Exactly lol, and they are actually all from same OEM

really? the one from Eovan, and maybe the one from bound motors, right? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Thanks for telling me :+1: :handshake:

I think I’m gonna go with that Eovan one. It looks real tasty. I’m a heavier rider (245lbs on a good day) and the build quality seems pretty great, judging by some reviews I’ve checked out.

Slightly more expensive than some used ones I was considering, but what the hey. Single guy, no kids.

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get it from aliexpress, its the same deck, but cheaper


Yep, that’s what I did! Hopefully they ship it before CNY.


i’d say if they don’t ship it out on Monday latest, then u won’t hear from them until 16th :rofl:

Good luck with this buyer, worst experience I’ve had and sketchiest. Make sure the address matches the address on PayPal or he will pull a fast one on you and get you for the item and money.

Nice try, bud. I’ve been around for a long time. People know me. I have a good reputation here.

You really want me to post screenshots? You giving me broken PayPal links, giving me PayPal addresses that don’t work, saying you’re “locked out of PayPal,” pulling shipping costs out of your ass then telling me the real (more expensive) cost AFTER I pay, cancelling my goods and services payment and trying to convince me to pay by friends and family, trying to get me to say I received the item BEFORE you even shipped it so that the money could be released to you, etc? Really? Cause I can post the screenshots.

You could’ve actually sent me the item for the price we agreed upon, but instead you pulled all that bullshit. PayPal refunded me because you couldn’t even provide them a tracking number, because you didn’t ship anything.

Even with that short little story you made up to attempt to drag my name through the mud, you still had to edit that post three times. I should’ve listened to @BillGordon about the red flags with you. Hell, even PayPal themselves told me it was probably not a good idea to send you money after the initial sketchiness, but I still gave you a chance.

@longhairedboy I’ve never tagged you on anything, but if you’d like to see screenshots so I can get this little punk banned, I would be more than happy to do so. I tried to be civil by not naming names, but this little shithead comes around a community I’ve been a part of for years and tries to pull this on me? Fuck that.