Whats the down low on drop decks? [SERIOUS]

TLDR: best and worst of drop deck longboards?

My first ever longboard was a double drop Kryptonics, it crumbled after only a couple months but it got me started on skateboarding and eskate in particular, since then I’ve always had a soft spot for the asthetic and feel of drop decks. Tell me what you think of them and which ones are best for eskating!

First drop deck: Kryptonics…actually from Target, it was short, hella low, and hella cheap…1/10 for eskate, couldn’t mount anything to it if you tried, but damn it’s natural to push with

yikes :sweat_smile:

Second: Minority…this one was sourced from Amazon, honestly not awful quality, decent feel and lots of space, really good for stop and go with the length and foot wells…5/10, it’s kinda bad for reverse mount and impossible to forward mount but as a light hub board it’s been great, just enough room for electronics underneath…also not spectacular structural integrity but it’s still going strong


Possibly third: Getting a Sector 9 Faultline second hand tommorow, it looks like it can forward mount with BKB fixed mounts and it’s wide enough for a Tayto enclosure so the plan is deck swap it into a dual kit, which would be dope…the drop is rather shallow but should be enough to index off of…maybe a 7/10?

Vote on all the drop decks you’ve ever used and tell us if they’d be any good as an eskate!!

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Only drop I’ve ever used is the Hummie deck, and by mounting in drop through makes it even lower, and on top of that 85mm wheels

My enclosure has more parts with scratches than without, but its damn worth

The concave locks your foot really well without being too much that fatigues with long rides


The best deck I have ever stepped foot on is the Rayne Demonseed 42.

Got it set up as an ultra lowrider for pushing only, I dont think I could ever electrify it as I love it far too much as it is.

@rafaelinmissouri has recently electrified a demonseed though.



1 vote for EVO with eboosted DS enclosure.
Split angle while maintaining level :100:
Easy to water proof(resist) :100:
Foot lock :100:


With shipping them in fairly prohibitive, I tend to pull decks from local stock. For some reason, I’ve been able to find four of these:

Mild drop down, but I’m pretty happy with them. But I keep hoping a Switchblade will magically appear locally.


What do you think about the look? I always found it to be rather thick in the middle…the narrow center and sharp corners by the wheel cutouts are my personal preference, although it makes it harder to add enclosures

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I will never endorse cheap decks, that includes skateshred ones.


Yeah, Evo with BigBen or eBoosted would be very nice to find.

No experience with true drop down decks, but my speed board deck has a 1/4" micro drop. That tiny drop combined with big ass wheel flares gives some nice foot pockets.

I think it looks awesome.


Mine are subtle, too. But it really makes a difference. Earlier, I went on a grocery run with the Exway, and I was really missing that little foothold.

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What constitutes a cheap deck? I know from experience that Kryptonics are made of compressed dust but a Landyachtz is about as good as classic wood gets…how do you draw the line when you’re life can be as risk if the nose breaks off at speed?

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  1. A no brand deck that comes from China
  2. Cheap

Sometimes, it’s what you can get more than what you want. I do intend to replace a couple with Killshots at some point.


I really like my killshot, the flex does scare me a bit😬


I hear that but used LY and loaded decks are so easy to find and are affordable.


Yep, i rarely buy brand new decks

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Not so much in Singapore. They’re around here and there, but guys put huge markups on them.

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Have been having a hard time finding a second hand wolfshark though :wink:

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Ive got 2 used ones :sweat_smile:

Building a collection here :wink: