Drop through or Drop Deck? Let the fight begin!

After reading through the “What’s the down low on drop decks?” thread I started to wonder what you guy prefer as a whole? Show us pics, links, etc… of your favorite decks!


Double drop lol


Which of those is your favorite?

I’ve had all three. Drop through, drop down, and double drop. I love low boards. Double drop.

Drop downs usually give you better foot pockets. Drop through makes most long boards look great lol.

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What’s your intended use?

Sorry. Do you have a specific deck you love? If so do you have pics and possibly links? I’m looking for a city board. The lower the better cause I love the low rider feel.

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Pretty much this. Basic double drop. I’ve heard good things about skateshred but do your research.

Hummie deck is your huckleberry.

Or the new Torque boards 40. Both have cut outs in the deck for electronics so you can get them low down and dirty but any decent drop deck will keep your feet low to the ground and give you good foot stops. Personally I think for esk8 drop down decks are perfect. They weren’t designed with us in mind but fit the bill seamlessly. You need the rear drop for acceleration and the front for keeping your front foot planted for high speed.
Landyachtz evo 40
Subsonic century 40
are also good options


Double drop! Beercan boards - Oat Soda!

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Which specific deck is your favorite?

Skateshred is great, but I wouldn’t suggest that board for an esk8 build unless you’re going to reinforce it. 8 ply simple isn’t enough. Even if you’re 150lbs, the weight of all the components (esp the extra heavy truck & all the metal we strap to it) alone are enough to pretzel the deck.
Their 9+ plys are solid though, and they even have this single slant deck that nobody seems to know about


I personally wouldn’t trust my life and limbs to a deck that cost 39 bucks to be fair.


You live your life, mayne. We’re just gluing and pressing wood together here. It’s not rocket science, and Ehler has been doing this a long while.


I am now a little confused(which is a normal state of affairs) because are we not saying the exact same thing here?

Is Skateshred your company?

Think the confusion came from all of their decks being cheap, some not being suitable for esk8 (but great for push) and others being just fine for a lightning powered tree.

I don’t, but I have enough of their boards I could probably pass as one of their warehouses.


Then you are now the go to for all things skateshred.

Thanks for stepping up.


Double drop or bust


Are we related?

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Dad??? Where have you been for the past 15 years


My heart is genuinely touched that thus thread could reunite a family.

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