whats the best Vesc's?

hi looking for 2 vescs have seen many new ones come to market, looking at tourquboards due to cost and seem they might be reliable, and would like to order their 110mm wheels

also like tampra’s wondering what others think?


Best watch your wording, Frank will be after you :no_good_man:t3:

I’ve used TB6 ESCs for a bit now and love them. Zero issues. I don’t think it’s on torqueboards website but if you message Dexter @torqueboards he can probably send you an invoice.


I think the Spintend VESC is a good VESC, but its a little undertested.
Lacroix also make good VESCs, the Stormcore 60D VESC is pretty well rated
Focbox unity gets a mention although has moral issues surrounding it.

TB VESCs aren’t tested in mass production yet, and after import tax I suspect they’ll be very expensive
The single flipsky 6.6 VESC and the non plus DUAL are also okay

Trampa ESC is overpriced


Someone could say that you use that many VESC words on purpose :joy:


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My TB6 USB-C snapped off on first connection. I compared the welds to my other ESCs and am not impressed (still have one TB6 in tact). No response from TB. They also charge for everything that isn’t bare ESC. They really put the DIY in DIY😂 $300 for ESCs and two cables (can bus and xt batter cables), still had to find modules, remote, etc. Had to get 5.5s to motors solder on myself. Too much cost for bare bones stuff IMO. They are pretty tho, I will give them that. TB is just priced out of where it appeals to me. I’m not too butthurt about the USB. I can still get at it via bluetooth, can bus, etc. just a tough introduction to esk8’s darling.

Much happier with my spintend experience.

Both perform the same after installed, IMO. The spintend solution felt a lot more complete and they make a decent effort to support before and after sale. But yeah, China is not close. Their shipping service took ages to get the part to me. That said, I think it’s my go-to until I feel like a stormcore.

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Neobox vesc 6 :crazy_face:


I can understand that. I had TB motors so it was just plug and play, plus I had the cables I needed so it was just the $270 for me.

Interesting about the USB port :flushed:

Lmao. So Fucken stupid


Spintend is a hard proposition to pass up right now. Otherwise, my stormcore 60D has been stellar and you’re also buying Lacroix customer support, which is probably better than any other we’re talking about.


I see what you did :wink:

have you actually used their service after having hardware issues or if this an assumption based on their paper promise?


@BillGordon why can’t I edit my post? i am like the king of typos :joy:


I’ll say their customer support is top notch and I’ve only bought accessories from them. Charles over there is awesome, helps me with anything and everything.

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Bill ain’t here mate

As for Lacroix, I can vouch on their service. They always deal with me in a timely fashion when I have random questions or when I have a hiccup. Also got a friend who’s an employee at Lacroix


Which one?

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Charles Weinman I believe

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