VOLOKNO composite mountainboard, longboard decks and enclosures

Hi there! My name is Pavel, and I am glad to introduce you esk8 parts i make in my workshop :slight_smile:

I started building boards in 2015 when the motors and batteries were huge, and the power and range were extremely limited. It’s been a long time since then, and it’s cool to see how far this industry has come. Now each of us can build any board to their taste.

From my first board, I realized that the most difficult parts of creating them are battery enclosure and deck, so I set myself the goal - to help those who want to get the deck or enclosure of excellent quality for an affordable price. To achieve this goal, I opened VOLOKNO workshop where I make custom parts from the best components available on the market.

All my decks and battery boxes are made with resin and fiberglass, which gives them excellent strength and low weight, and to give the decks a unique shape, I cut them on the CNC.

By the way, if you dream of a particular board design, write to me and I will make a custom board of the shape you want at a reasonable price.

Material: Basalt fiber, Fiberglass, Epoxy resin
Length: 35,5" / 90,3 cm
Width: 9-11,4" / 23-28,9 cm
Foot stance: 70cm
Concave: 0,3" / 8mm
Angle: 30°
Deflection: 25mm
Flexibility - medium (stiff / soft by request)
Weight: 3.1-3.7kg
Price: 230$ incl worldwide shipping with tracking number

Light and strong glass fiber battery and esc enclosure for electric skateboard / longboard.
Fits battery 12S8P 21700 + BMS + 2VESC \ ESC
Material: Fiberglass, Epoxy resin
External: 229x684mm
Internal: 4 segments145x176mm
Price: 109$ incl worldwide shipping with tracking number
Kit (deck+enclosure): 330$ incl worldwide shipping with tracking number

More photos

Full composite synthetic beauty
Material: Basalt fiber, Fiberglass, Epoxy resin
Length: 40" / 102cm
Width: 10,5" / 26.6 cm
Drop: 0,4" / 10mm drop
Concave: 0,3" / 8mm
Flexibility - stiff
Price: 209$ incl worldwide shipping with tracking number

More photos

Big Box (12S8P 21700)
Material: Fiberglass, Epoxy resin
External: 229x641mm
Internal: 176x608mm
47mm deep
Concave: 0,3" / 8mm concave
Price: 85$ incl worldwide shipping with tracking number

More photos

12S4P universal enclosure
Material: Fiberglass, Epoxy resin
External - 68x22,5cm (26.7x8,8inch)
Inside - 62x16cm (24,4x6,3inch)
Minimal depth - 28mm (1,1inch)
Concave - about 13mm (0,5inch)
Price: 69$ incl worldwide shipping with tracking number

More photos

Trampa HS11 10S5P flexible
Minimal depth - 28mm (1,1inch)
Price: 115$ incl worldwide shipping with tracking number

More photos

Battery PCB
Price: 31.5$ / 10pc incl shipping


where are you located?


i think i’m blind, but i just woke up.


pcbs go for like half that here in USA

nice price on the enclosure !

Big Box
External - 63.5x23,5cm (24.8x9,05inch)
Inside - 59x18cm (23,2x7,08inch)
Minimal depth - 44mm (1,73inch)
Concave - about 13mm (0,5inch)
Price - 85$ incl worldwide shipping with tracking number

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$3.15 is a perfectly reasonable price to for a custom PCB product. The cost to manufacture might be half that, but companies need to have profit margin and ultimately nobody is forcing you to purchase anything for any more than you want to pay.

You need a hug buddy? This seems to be a sore spot for you lately.


reasonable prices are good but thought someone in USA might be interested to know they’re half that cost here.

Everyone’s got plans for a little biz in eskate these days and may the sellers that sell at the lowest prices win.


Fixed it for you.


open sourced design by nice folks here and you can get them straight from the manufacturer for half the cost anywhere and dhl speed shipping.

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you are being silly man

Ive put a ton of designs for people to use and they aren’t commenting on my threads saying you can get them machined at x factory and get them for cheaper


Silly is paying like three times as much for the same thing.

If u put up designs that are essentially the same as another and it will cost 3x more…why shouldn’t people be advised they can just get it elsewhere. I’m not here to help businesses. I’m here to help people get open sourced designs direct. Are we trying to create middlemen?

For all I know it’s the same exact design. I though it was cool how everyone in USA was selling them so cheap and maybe I’m wrong but I thought it was because of something to do with the design being given here


Not everyone is willing or even has the experience to order their own PCBs. I’m not saying it isn’t easy, but you’re taking experience & availability for granted here.

Availability is huge here. Given that a lot of the products you have had manufactured have aren’t readily available, surely you can understand the value in being able to supply a product in demand.

Rather than complain about what other people are doing or how they’re pricing their wares, perhaps you should offer a competitive product and make it readily available for purchase. Personally, I have the skillset and background to design my own PCBs and get them ordered without issue, I know what these cost, but I’d gladly pay for the convenience of having something available to ship right now and save myself the time.

It sounds like you have a fundamental misunderstanding between the raw cost to manufacture and the retail cost of a commercially viable product. They are completely separate factors.

Ultimately the market will drive pricing. People will pay what they are willing to pay for items depending on availability and demand. What doesn’t help anyone is badgering other vendors over their pricing on anything that remotely competes with your own products.


Ok. Those that can’t figure how to get the pcb design off the link I posted and send it to the pcb place and pay a third the cost for fastest shipping…they can order the other way.

Open source designs that are given and getting things direct from a manufacture seems one of the big benefits of the forums Vesc for example. Everyone and their mom now sell electric skateboard with profit goal. Worth weeding through to find what’s reasonable

I’m not trying to step on his toes and hope his fiberglass boxes do well and people seem to like them but if someone was selling the same exact thing and at a third the cost is be tempted to mention that too. For the readers

Maybe I have the format here wrong and someone’s thread is considered their sacred store that can’t be criticized. I hope that not how it is and think we develop things better with criticism and more info. As if we should leave people in the dark that these are open sourced and way cheap now. That’s not how I like it


I think y’all are being awful hard on @hummieee. I didn’t see his statement as a complaint, I saw it as advice. I think any reasonable person that can buy a widget for $1 is not going to pay $3, or at least will be miffed when he finds out he did.

Personally I will pay more for the same widget from someone that is part of this community than someone who comes here ONLY to peddle his wares. I don’t think that is unreasonable as your supporting the community of which you are a part.

This new phenomenon of dogging on people that have a demonstrated investment in this community because the express concern over cost is just silly. The argument is always “no one is making you buy it”. The inverse is also true, just because someone voiced a concern doesn’t meant you have to stop buying it.


From my perspective, I’m pretty sure this is the third thread where he’s harped on the same topic.

I doubt I’m the only one who’s picked up on this.

I don’t think anyone is disagreeing with that.

My pushback is based around what I perceive to be a somewhat recent campaign in these threads ragging on people over their pricing, that X item only costs Y to manufacture, so they should sell it for Z. General feedback and constructive criticism is fine, but when I see a dozen+ posts in multiple threads all with the same general intent, I’m likewise going to speak my mind.

If the intent is to inform people that products can be cheaper, the best way to do that is to offer a more competitive product readily available for purchase. Without action, it presents as just complaining about pricing of a competitor.


if you look at the link it IS readily available for purchase for 3 times less and shipped probably before any esk8 business wakes up.

its not like it takes work for a retailer to order these, put them on their site for 3x more, and put them in a box and ship on.

to prove a point about the cost of these things, especially to you @DerelictRobot , but more so I just have been interested in doing this a while, i’ll put up a good pcb design that will be available for a price that’s respectable and in line with the original pcb pricing, for 48 cells and slots for tabs to slip through and be soldered, with an amount of copper that wont make it blow up, and I’ll post exactly how much copper it is and not keep it vague.

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I can assure you, you don’t need to go out of your way to prove anything to me on this topic.

I work in electronics design & manufacturing, nothing here is a surprise to me. I don’t even necessarily disagree with you that these could be offered for less, my own criticisms are aimed more at your methods of delivery.

The best way to prove your point here and avoid looking like a vendor complaining about competition’s pricing is to quietly offer a more competitive, better product. But please don’t feel the need to prove anything to me, do it because it’s something you want to do and/or offer to the community.


I love the idea that Hummer wants to make things less expensive, go balls out on it.

I do however have a huge issue with the relentless bombing of other people’s sales threads offering cheaper alternatives and diminishing the time people have put in to bringing a product to market. That’s not the way you go about it.

Make a new thread, add your comments on individual products and make them cheaper and available. Don’t come into a vendors thread, throw shade and then speak about vaporware alternatives that may or may not be easy to source if you can be bothered.

My time is worth more than saving $1 on a PCB, I would happily buy these.

See people in Hummie’s hub thread saying that you can get hubs cheap on aliexpress? No, they have respect for the thread.