[US/CAN] Cheap Focer 2’s

Time to sell some Cheap FOCER 2 V1.0’s

For more details here is the development thread for this VESC6 compatible electronic speed controller.


All boards are partly assembled (All SMT parts soldered) Firmware is loaded and checked for any faults. I have no had good luck with IMU’s so none are included currently.

I am located in Ontario Canada but will ship to the US as well.

Included in the price is a $5 per board donation to @shaman who made this happen.

Shipping will be Canada post expedited parcel or USPS small packet. Should be under $20 shipped anywhere in North America. Order two to save on shipping.

No matter what some soldering will be required this is a DIY project. If you really need me to solder leads/connectors for you send me a DM and we can figure something out.

No through hole DIY kit
Tested CFOC2 board without through hole components soldered:
Price ($45 USD $60 CAD):



All components soldered DIY kit
Attach the leads of your choice and a heatsink and go:
Price ($56 USD $75 CAD):


All components soldered DIY kit + heatsink
Attach the leads of your choice and go:
Price ($63 USD $85 CAD):


This is what I’m talkin bout! I love seeing people offering these on the market!

Much appreciated! Funding will be used on the next open source adventure!

Good luck!


Are these with good drvs? Was a bad batch earlier this year…

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I bought the drivers from digikey.ca rather than from JLCPCB. Significant price difference doing that.

Mine are all 88C8Y4TG4 bad batch was 88ASYCTG4.

There were also some SMT assembly issues with the DRV ground pad on the v0.9 CFOC2. The v1.0 fixed that.


That’s awesome man!! @stratoglide put together a bunch with those drvs. They worked great till they didn’t. Didn’t seem to like brakes on 12s. But if you bought from digikey it’s likely going to be better. Looking at the pics, these are looking great man! Very nice offerings and a great price. May you prosper. :nerd_face:

Edit: And of course I grab one where the driver is slightly crooked. These are a bit of a pain to place by hand.


Do these have pull down resistors installed? My board just got lost in shipping after getting them installed. I would be looking for an option with no component soldering required. I am fine soldering wires, just not components.

Which pull down resistors? For the unused i/o ports?

I’m basically building them as described in the ordering and assembly guide other than no IMU and buying my own drivers.

Here is a picture of a completed board. I can probably figure something out if you know what resistors you want.

I’ll take one with all components soldered and a heatsink, can you install some 2k ohm pull down resistors (so that I can use Velostat pressure sensors) on it for me?

Where would you like the resistor installed? Also if this is for a self balancing application keep in mind of my note above regarding not having IMU’s.

Hmm. Not having an IMU is a big problem. I remember the last version that I had had a specific spot for pull down resistors that said “leave blank if not needed”

Is there no such note in the build guide for this version?

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I am using it for a self balancing application, so an IMU is needed. Are the boards any larger in form factor than the original variant? Mine had the caps hanging off the back of the board

These are exactly the same outline as the 0.9 version just the capacitors are entirely kept within the footprint.

I have a few IMU’s but any that I have soldered do not appear to work. Should work fine with an external IMU.

Regarding the pulldown resistors I take it you want R73 and R68 populated?

[Uploading: image.png…] Whatever the pull down slots on the original correlate to on the newer version. I didn’t even know a newer version came out until today. Can the external IMU mount to the FOCer itself somehow? Space is extremely limited in the foot compartments on my DIY Onewheel.

IMU boards are not very big. They just need to connect to power and the UART port.

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@RCJD2001 I would find an ESC with a builtin IMU if you are using it for a balance vehicle

I am in the main thread trying to find one now.

I think I’ll take one with everything soldered and a heatsink, and I’m going to have @ziploc solder on the IMU and pull down resistors for me. Do you flash firmware and test the boards you build?

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We used 11K pull-down resistors on yours. I think 2K is a bit low. R73 and R68 look like the right locations. That’s really bizarre that the IMU hasn’t worked on this new one.

This really surprises me. The soldering you did on the drivers looks really good. I’m wondering if it might just be a problem with looking at the IMU output in the VESC_Tool. I remember when I first tried to verify IMU operation in the VESC_Tool, it wasn’t entirely obvious to see how to do it. I think I had to select “IMU Data” on the left of the graphical display, and the IMU button on the right. Do you have one of your IMU boards laying around to check? I could verify it on my end and make sure we’re doing the same thing.