Cheap FOCer 2 (Group Buy Batch 2)

Make my order 2 boards with DRV soldered.
70 EUR + shipping as I understand.

Hey @doomy! I would also like participate with 2 FOCers and DRVs soldered. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Same here… 2pcs with drv soldered

Ok I’ll finally be taking only one board with DRV soldered on it please. Thanks

Hi @doomy
I’m very interrested in one, prefered completely soldered since I’m completely new to all this. Thanks!

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Hi @doomy

If shaman finalizes the design of cheap focer I would also like 2 pcbs with drv soldered, thx.

I am not getting into building my Cheap FOCers unfortunately. So if anybody is interested in taking them I am asking 30€ per unit + shipping (from the Netherlands). 2 units available, I prefer selling them as pair. These have the DRV chip and the IMU presoldered.

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I am interested in two Cheap FOCers! Are they still available?


Tomislav Denis

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They are sold pending payment.

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@doomy sign me up for another 2 boards if there will be another batch. no soldering needed.

If not sold i’ll buy them (living in NL too)


Hi, maybe some Focers available? Would like to get at least one.

Interested in 2 or 3 of the v1.0

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Hey, sorry but there are none available right now. I would probably do another batch if there is enough interest.



I’d be in for 2 with imu and drv soldered on the next batch you do.

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I would take 6

If it happens soon enough, I’d take 1-2. I will soon have everything else anyway, and then I would just buy another, even if it is more expensive.

Sorry guys but i wont be able to order and package any new cfocers this summer. I sadly run into some personal troubles i have to take care of first. I will post here should anything change. Thanks for your support and lets hope for better times soon.


Hopefully whatever troubles you are having don’t last very long.

If anyone needs a CFOC2 I can ship to the EU but shipping wont be as cheap as Doomy was able to provide.

I do not have any with IMU’s currently. Perhaps in the next batch.

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