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[UK] x2 Trampa boards plus my spare stuff

So I’ve decided to sell these 2 Trampaboards. I don’t use them as much anymore, it’s a close one, but I’ve decided I will sell. The boards are cash and collection ONLY (from Derby, midlands)

Board 1
136kv, Pro belt 2019, Mega stars at the back, 3x 12s5p (one brand new) variable amp charger with built in BMS (loop key bypasses BMS) vesc 6, vesc connect, alien remote. Plus a discussion on a few spares


Board 2

136kv, Pro belt 2019, vesc 6, metr, variable charger (with a built in BMS) 2x 12s5p 30q’s (one brand new) , enertion remote. Spare belts and inner tubes


Trampa wand (brand new never used - needs the update) plus vesc connect

Drok and power supply to make a variable amp charger. I need to find out what the max amp is, I’ve only used it at 3-4amp.


XL bat safe (small dent in it)



How many hubs are you selling no spokes?
How much?

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I what’s that wand so badly is it £110 shipped in uk?

And does it come with the dongle

Remember that you are broke :smiley:

@atenner what do you want for the bindings and some silicon wire?


Depending on the spot welder I might be interested.

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It hurts when it comes from a guy you have never met before

More actually interested in a trade for some bits if he is up for it :smile:

Or I could always beg my parents for a small present


Sorry, it wasn’t my intention to hurt your feelings. I just repeated your words.

But thats not the point… Let us stay on Topic.


Only two I’m afraid and prob just the hubs as spare tyre will go with one of the boards. they were on the back before the megastars. If still interested, just the 2 hubs £10 for the pair shipped ? (Depending where shipped)


Not hurting my feelings

Just sad how I have to hear it from a complete stranger to get me to not buy stuff


£110 plus shipping

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Any possibility in a trade or not really

Just don’t want to see anybody in debt.

@atenner also, what length are the spare belts?


Can you take some closer pictures of your spares boxes so we can see whats in them? Also what gauge wire do you have there?

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It’s the sunkko 709a with hand prongs :+1:t2:

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Ah nvm I was hoping for an Arduino one


Who was it again who bought @Saturn_Corp that present with the batteries

Whoever didn’t here Is what I want please :smile: :laughing:

I think a few 460mm for the 2017 belt and some 425mm for the 2019 belt. Will prob go with a board or the old tramp mounts though


I’ll try and get some better pics, won’t be till tomorrow night though, it’s all back in the shed now.

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no worries. I need more than 460 though, so all good.

Just need prices on the bindings and silicone wire :slight_smile:

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Heel straps £15 and what length wire. If reasonable length, free. I think I have 14, 12, 10, and balance wire. Can you pm me to remind me to check tomorrow eve :+1:t2:

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