“Udta Punjabi” | DIY Flux Build | 12s8p

Hello friends,

Original Question

I need some help with building a board. Question:

  • can you point me to an example build that would suit my need?
  • Where am I overspending vs skimping?
  • What hardware do I need and how much should I budget for stuff like bearings, wires?
  • Time isn’t my friend right now - looking for a new job and have a new baby. Should I just be buying an all terrain board? May even spend a bit more to meet my needs? What would you do?

First thanks to @sleepless who helped kick this thought train off.

  • Helmet (already purchased a good one, also got knee, elbow, wrist guards)
  • Deck. Landyatchz Evo 40
  • Enclosure - eboosted but for cheaper recommendations for both deck/enclosure. Looking for a evolve-style double drop deck.
  • Battery - 21700 / 12s4p
  • ESC - storm core
  • Drove train (own board double kingpin)
  • Motors 6384
  • Remote Hoyt puck
  • Wheels - own board 7”

Things I’m really looking for:

  • AT wheels (7-8”)
  • Safety >> Speed.
Why I'm building this
  • All-terrain board (80% Road, 20% gravel, trails etc)
  • Range of 35+ miles
  • New hobby to decompress from work. Update: So far it’s been really fun. Learning stuff is cool but now itching to get my hands dirty.
  • Longevity and future proof-ness. I decided to choose good parts and take a hit on the wallet #yolo. I understand that even if I don’t enjoy the hobby the resale value will be better for higher quality parts.

Update 10/31/2021

I’ve been on a learning journey here and the forums posts have been super useful. So I’m updating my post with my learnings so far. I would love to get some thoughts on the parts I’ve chosen. I’m beginning to order some smaller parts for the battery build and am ready to pull the trigger on most of these.

Deck/Enclosure: Flux Motion DIY
Battery: 12s8p (will build my own)
ESC: StormCore 60D or MakerX V6 (toss up)
Trucks: MBS Metal Matrix II
Drive Train: Boardnamics M1-AT Gear Drive (wait for V2) or Boardnamics belt setup (toss-up)
Motors: 6384
Remote: Hoyt Puck
Wheels: Rockstart II hubs, Kenda 8"
Charge Port: CNLinko M16

Open Questions

  • Do I need a spacer between the roadside and board bearings in the MBS Rockstar II hubs? Does it go bearing|spacer|bearing? Any guidance here will be appreciated.
  • What is the decision boundary between belt-drive vs gear-driven? How should be thinking about this purchase?
  • Need a recommendation on a charger (<=10A).
  • Opinion on padding the underside of the enclosure with foam? I can’t tell if that is accepted as a standard or what other Flux builders have done.



Do you have a specific reason to go with the ownboard kit? I’m not sure that’s the best move. It’s “OK” but nothing special. Especially on an evo, I feel like I’d rather put some boardnamics trucks and a proper drivetrain


I’m with Shutter on this, Boardnamics sells a whole AT geardrive with motors and everything, and MBS has really nice hubs, if you want a robust and easy time I’d go for that


If time isn’t your friend, DIY esk8 isn’t your friend. It’ll take you months just to get all of these parts, much less build this board. I could see something like the new Boundmotors Flash being a solid prebuilt board in your budget with similar specs to what you want to build. (Boundmotors quality and customer service definitely leaves something to be desired though)

As for the Ownboard kit, I agree it’s very okay, but I imagine budget is driving the decision as Boardnamics baseplates, hangars, and gear drives will be decently more expensive.


if you dont have much time its just not worth it
wait till you have the time to research a lot and be prepared for lots of mistakes (especially the first time round)

for a similar board to what you want and prebuilt

MetroboardX - All Terrain + Street Electric Skateboard (this contains a vesc and is super nice meaning you can actually program it to how you want later on)

or you could even buy a diy off the forum
this means you get the diy fun. an awesome board. and the chance to upgrade in the future
for example:

and many many more on the forum


Awesome. I love this as you’ve shown more nicer boards I’d set off buying :). The mrs won’t love it, haha.

What do you think about this kit? Will this serve the next 1000 miles?


One of my friends has this kit. A few issues

Battery is too small for good range on pneumatics. You’ll get like 15-18 miles. It’s a good urethane board though
ESC is a blood unity
Enclosure is ABS
Stock bushings should be replaced


Same qualms from me, meh unity, stormcore better I think

Enclosure probably okay but doesn’t look that great. Remote known to have some issues with unity

Your hoyt puck, esc, and rest of your planned build are much better

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def not your best bang for your buck

for 2000$ there are some super nice stuff out there

these were my recommendations (bit more then 2k though)

there are lots of diys being sold on the forum for 1.7 and many are really amazing ones


This matches your specs pretty well and is already put together: Evo spectrum 40 3links mb155s on stretch trampa stormcore60 molicelp42a 12s8p davega almost new

It’s a little over your budget but you could always sell off the NKP trucks which alone are worth $500 and get something cheaper instead.


Yeah I suppose finding a DIY that someone is selling is better

I still like his original build for the most part, but I guess if he doesn’t have time, it is what it is haha

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Thanks for the recommendations. I can spare a 5-8 hours to build something. Just don’t want to spend 40 hours building and debugging it. That’s why I had gravitates towards the kit.

For boardnamics stuff, you could probably assemble the drive train in one night and get the trucks & it mounted to the deck - I think you can opt to buy it assembled too for a higher cost

If you don’t buy it assembled, at least get it with the motors pre-cut. If you don’t want the gear drives, you could get BN belt stuff which is pretty good too

With that and a pre-assembled battery, it is just down to how many things you might have to re-solder.

Mounting the enclosure takes a while too though now that I think about it, unless you just drill through the deck

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You could also buy a used board and modify it as you see fit, that’s probably the fastest way to get running without giving up the ability to improve

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I bought the boardnamics kit. hangers, drives, motors, and i have never touched a board before. Assembled it in first try.

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Thanks for all the feedback. Considering that I would be pretty happy with something like a Evolve GTR bamboo I feel I cannot stretch the budget further than that without needing to rethink the new hobby :). What do you think about version 2.

Version 2

Vestar Blackhawk Deck + Enclosure - $215

Motor / Drivetrain / Trucks / Wheels -$425

Stormcore 60D - $320

Hoyt Puck - $120

Battery - 12s 3p - $500

I appreciate the feedback. Do you think this type of build will work. What am I missing from this order?

Many people here can build you a battery of significantly better quality for that price

Also are you sure about double kingpin?

If you’re not in a rush, you can still consider DIY. If you are, these boards have a solid reputation and recently got upgraded to a larger battery: Hoyt St EL2.1 (Non-Flyable, Extended Range)

battery by @skyart or by @MrDrunkenMobster instead (saves some money and will be way better)

then if possible use the extra money for this kit
M1-AT Drive + 270mm Adjustable Truck Drivetrain Kit |

you can also save some money by using a hummie deck and enclosure which are cheaper and a super nice deck
talk to @hummieee if you are interested