WTS 75 mile old Flux build

USA- New Jersey
DIY Flux Motion build
Selling my flux motion so I can buy a Sur-ron. The board is freshly built, has about 75 miles on it currently. Top speed is 35 mph and gets about 40-50 miles on a charge.


Flux motion deck/enclosure
MBS Matrix II trucks
MBS hubs
Boardnamics M1-AT gear drives
Flipsky 6384 motors
Focbox Unity+
VX1 Remote
Davega X
12s8p - p42a battery
4 amp charger

The battery was originally built by someone on the forums, then it was cleaned up by @jack.luis. Will include pictures before and after.

asking $2600.00


Awesome build looks amazing i’m in the process of building one myself or I would be all over this you might want to try the flux FB page also :call_me_hand:

What KV?

And what ratio are you running?

Thanks this build is sweet bro :sunglasses:

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Thanks man! Maybe I will try that flux group. I’m not in a rush. I went with the 4.60 gear ratio and the motors are 170kv.

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Quick update! I fell on my board today haha. I’m ok , the board got some scratches on the battery enclosure and a couple small ones on the motors. Overall the board is still fine, but I’ll be lowering the price to $2,400. Will post pictures of scratches.



What happened?? I’m glad your ok :call_me_hand:

I was going up a really steep hill(a little too fast) and hit some gravel and just looped out. Lucky was wearing decent gear.


What’s the type of wheels do you have on this? Any issues or maintenance you see in near or long term?

Are you able to ship to Chicago?

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They look like black rockstars

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I assembled this for him. I’d say you’d go through 5 more sets of tires /tubes before anything else needs maintenance.

Edit: probably 10 unless you have an ESC failure first


@loopy this is a sweet ride you will definitely enjoy it


It’s almost the same price as metro board or lacroix jaws. Any way for me consider this decision?

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Not even in the same ballpark and totally different vibe

The Jaws is only $2400 I didn’t know that :thinking:
I’ll have to check specs
12s4p you’re definitely getting a better battery if you buy this flux



This looks great. Just built my first board and this seems much better at only 25% more expensive with gear drive and more than twice the range.

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I’m pretty obsessed with esk8 and my favorite build is my flux build.

this looks like a solid deal to me.

a new flux is also a good deal.


sweet build & very good deal!


I would buy this if someone bought mine. :smiley:


don’t buy a surron, build something! lmk I’m one of jackson’s local homies, I can point you in the direction of a parts list and local vendors if its something you are interested in.

My bike beats the pants off stock surron’s and was way cheaper



I really like the look of the surron, some ebikes look too futuristic, rétro or weird sometimes. But that one has a nice dirt bike look to it. Did you build yours? What shipping the base frame?