Trampa WAND connectivity issues - Gathering feedbacks (SERIOUS)


I meet severe connectivity issues with the Trampa WAND.
I always had some little issues not very serious (like after coasting and I want to apply accel, the board slightly brakes then accelerate).

Since I’ve serviced my board for securing more components into the electronics box (due to vibration), I’ve now a LOT of problem with the remote.
Connection dropout, huge latency…
Nothing changes, just more hot glue on the receiver for securing. Also, some hot glue on the connectors to prevent them to unplug.

If I level the remote up to my face for reading the speed, I note that the double dot toogling (connectivity “heart rate”) slows down dangerously, sometimes it freezes.

The only french guy I know using a WAND has some issues like described above.

Do you guys have issues with it ?
Let’s gather feedbacks.

Personally, I lost confidence into that remote. I can’t ride fast anymore with it.
I’ll try to create an alternative to the genuine receiver (with external antenna).
If it doesn’t help that much, I’ll swap it for a good holy GT2b.

!! Users : please, stick to strict objective feedbacks. No brand bashing !!
(Brand : please don’t argue with users feedbacks :slightly_smiling_face: )


What I’m experiencing are huge latencies sometimes(could be my body blocking parts the signal and the tpu case), because I hold the wand in my right hand and , but no connection dropouts.

No connection issues apart from this

I have not updated the dongle firmware yet so can’t comment on whether it solves the issue or not.

Placement of the dongle can have quite an impact. Maybe the hot glue blocks the signal. I would simply try to relocate the dongle and make sure to not add any glue, tape etc in the antenna area.
If you are goofy and right handed for example, it could make sense to place the dongle on the side of the enclosure and to the front of the board. In my experience a placement in the centre of the board is always a good idea, since you will not have the dongle under your foot.

There was an Android update, which seams to have a negative impact when logging data. Benjamin Vedder solved this 8 weeks ago. We will look into a new powerful receiver design soon, probably CAN connected and with SD Card for logging and maybe GPS antenna.

I use my wand with the internal NRF chip. transmission is fine when enclosure is open. Becomes scetchy as fuck with it closed however, so will probably improvise with an external antenna instead of the PCB one.

Other than that I have nothing bad to report, yet

Did I just read that hot glue can block a signal?


I never had any cut outs at all on mine when I was using it, ever.


Water can block a signal so I don’t find it completely ludicrous.
No real data though.

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So, like everyone elses. Cool, glad to hear it.

Yes you did. Is it true, absolutely not. At least not on a normal receiver in the real world.


i didnt realize Hot melt adhesive (hot glue) contained water. which hot glue are you using that contains water?


If you read the data sheets of those modules, they give detailed info on keeping the antenna area clear of things. Hot glue might have an impact on the performance when placed directly below the antenna.

I did a test some time ago testing different nRF based BT modules. You can find it here:

When you are interested I can send you a nRF52840 based module with external antenna that I designed some time ago that should give you a lot better connectivity (looking at the results of my test) than the current nRF51822 based Trampa Dongle that you are using at the moment.


From Wikipedia:
Some polymers can form hydrogen bonds between their chains, forming pseudo-cross-links which strengthen the polymer.

It is very obvious that hot glue, placed directly under the antenna of BLE modules will have a negative impact.

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While i think there are a lot of variables that change from person to person perhaps we should focus on your specific scenario. I understand that the situation appeared to be exasperated over time but it maybe helpful to others to understand the scenarios which the problem manifested. can you provide some details about your set up?

  • Board material
  • Enclosure material
  • Receiver placement in enclosure
  • When hardening the enclosure against vibration did the placement of the receiver move or were other components moved closer to the receiver?
  • Is the experience the same through out the remote battery charge level


I can also confirm that I’ve witnessed much better connectivity performance with the nrf52840 series over the 51822.

I have had zero issues using a 52840 based receiver inside a prototipo enclosure so far.


Wasn’t he joking? I thought he was.

Water blocks Bluetooth Low Energy signals, so if you place a hydrogen bonded glue directly under the PCB antenna area, it is very likely the cause of the problem.

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I think you might need to quantify that statement with testing first. I’m not sure hot glue has a big impact on rf in this context.

Plastics are largely rf transparent compared to metals.


Correct. Damn those radar domes made of plastic - no wonder we never see the pesky Russians coming!


My dongle is on the right corner under the alu lid. Some eyeballing is needed there.