Trampa Trademark & VESC Tool Discussions (serious)

@yongitech an you tell us something about this?

You are basically offering a modified VESC-Tool under the VESC brand.
Source code?


Ok not technically a percentage, he simply sent them 500$

But does Vedder really need it? When you’re paid to do a job like maintaining and developing a program, is receiving donations on top of it really necessary?

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VESC was used as a generic term for VESC based ESC previously so the now enforcement of the trademark is just annoying. The term isn’t widely used so its not possible, but similar situations have happened to generalized terms and the company just loses the TM because its annoying for everyone else. Stuff like Escalator, Dry Ice, Trampoline etc.


Whenever I read “VESC” I read it as a generic term. If one of my DIY buddies tells me he has a “VESC6” in his board I always ask “which one?”. I understand and respect the trademark but it is not an effective marketing term IMO.


It is fine to work with the code and publish modified code! However, you need to de-brand it and open a fork, or you need to work together with the original developer and put it in his hands.

If I use the Mozilla code to make a Firefox derived browser, I need to strip off the Firefox brand and publish it under my own brand. The only other way to work it would be to join the official developer crew.
Under no circumstance I can use their brand for my project!

12. Welcome to join the Benjamin vesc-keil development group, group number: 221354512.

To me this sounds like Benjmain Vedder is running a VESC-Keil dev group. This is simply not the case!

If you do things like that, please do things in your name under your brand, or get in touch with Vedder.
I’m sure that he would incorporate support for other processors if the code is GPL compatible.


Isn’t vesc vedder’s electronic speed controller? Like flipsky’s fsesc, based on vedder’s esc, and so on. Annoying, but brand recognition seems somewhat important in the end


It’s a good idea.

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VESC is just Vedder ESC. Its open source, you can use his exact schematic and sell it, but you can’t call what you’re selling a VESC.

The trademark is enforced for the trampa VESC, to protect it (I.e someone saying my VESC failed but its a maytech esc trampa wants to stop) I don’t know why they chose to try and enforce the VESC part and not the Trampa part, because IMO its too late, people will generically call any VESC based ESC a VESC with specification when appropriate

Its especially ironic, because i believe trampa themselves illegally do the SAME THING (using a trademarked term in a generic fashion) on their own website. Actually pretty hypocritical, if I’m seeing it correctly

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Is there a repository - eg on Github?

Actually you should probably stop throwing stones from a glass house and fix your website, I think the entire thing is littered with trademark violations


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I’d hope to join your team



You got those off wiki didn’t cha :joy:

Ehh, pub quiz knowledge. I think quite a few people know about “Escalator is actually a brand”

But there are also trademarks which aren’t generisized, for example VESC, Velcro, and Allen Tools


Would be good to have that very soon! How can the code be shared and reviewed if there is no repository available? It is Open Source and it should stay open. Don’t lock it away!

At this stage, you need to stop distributing the VESC-Tool under the VESC Brand.

Either the additional code can be integrated into the original source and a fork is therefore not necessary, or you need to run your own fork and strip back the branding and replace it with your own brand.
Using Vedder’s brand is not an option! If Vedder would allow that, anyone could offer VESC-Tool, even the hacker group distributing it in combination with built in malware. For that reason VESC-Tool is distributed solely by Vedder. It is his name and reputation.

Please get in touch with Vedder and sort out the issue ASAP!
And please start to build your own brand for your own products. At the moment you offer VESC Software and VESC hardware.

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Wiki has a great section about these. Look at the protected section and tell me you don’t use a single one :joy: I use atleast 10


In exchange you’ll fix what you call a website and while you’re at it remove all the trademark infringements you have on it too?

You’re doing exactly the same. Selling tools and loop and hook bindings using other people’s trademarks :wink: