HI100L 75V 100A ESC Based on VESC 75300

You should care BTW. Because you profit from the source code. Your board drives so nicely because someone puts a lot of effort into code base.


We’ve seen this hundreds of times before in both the new and the old forum. It’s like you have a script and just copy and paste. I agree with what you are saying.

I just don’t agree with it here when the topic is about the hardware.

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When the HW and software is sold using someone elses identity, then don’t expect a smooth discussion. If I would use your identity, you would also speak up.

I care about this.

You should too, as it benefits you…

If I was Benjamin and the law wasn’t being followed, I would just make it closed-source next time so everyone has to use his stuff. The alternative is a law-abiding world where we can all share immensely helpful things for all of us, with only the obligation to also share… for free…


I literally said that I agreed with you on the point you’re making. I just don’t like derailing a thread for its sake when you can get into contact with them and sort it out over private messages. They literally might not even understand what you are saying or what they’ve done wrong let alone why its wrong. Not everyone in the world is an ass, you don’t need to be one too.

Now that we are done derailing can we get back to the topic?

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Just saying, didn’t LHB split this thread into two threads specifically because of the derailing going on. I agree about the trademark issues, identity and concerns that stem from it… But:

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I think it is totally relevant and people selling their stuff on this forum have to behave like legit sellers. Private messages sent can be easily dismissed. Putting things in public puts pressure.

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Why no USB-C?

MicroUSB is also commonly used, and pc-connected cables are provided along with it.

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Do these come with the GH1.25 connectors?


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Shipping list:

BOARD(Cooling box included) x 1
XT60S Plug (Male and female) x 1
4MM bullets connectors (Male and female) x 3
GH1.25 JST wires all
Micro USB data line x 1

Does the HI100L have the IMU?

There’s no IMU, but there’s an interface.

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Do you have a diagram of how the interface can be used?

Do any other Yongitech ESCs have an IMU?


Free shipping for DHL.


Anyone got one yet?

My two come on Friday

Going to put them in my rion and try to melt them