Trampa Trademark & VESC Tool Discussions (serious)

OK, I will modify and build my own brand as soon as possible.
Thanks again.

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Then please make sure to distribute it together with the GPL V3 and make sure that we get access to the source code. Same thing for the hardware / ESCs. ESCs have the open source firmware installed on the chips and therefore you distribute software when you distribute hardware. The user needs to know that the code is GPL V3 licensed and he needs to know where and how to access the open source code.

This is the software license:


HK side “will” “probably” “work”, but not the other country lmao, they got no law for © or ™ violation of foreign brand :rofl: :rofl:


They have

wait… what bubble wrap is TM-ed? and, Ping Pong is a American TM-ed? dafuq? I thought it was a UK thing


good luck with that


Are you actually selling the source code?

Simple, polite and concise replies no matter what was thrown in the thread. I like your behavior, you seem to be a gentleman seller.

Give this man a “Gentleman approach” title!


Thank you for your support.


You are selling for 60 USD: The original version of VESC6 Benjamin electronic controller Keil transplant enhanced version (source code part-hardware V6-firmware 5.01)

We call this software piracy! The original version is distributed by Vedder himself. And it is available at no cost or in combination with a donation.

Where do we find the source code? Please make it available to the general public, according to the license terms. You may sell executable software under your own brand, but the sources need to be available free of charge!


ok,I’ll upload to Github as soon as possible.


And please stop using the VESC brand for your products and for software immediateley!
You can not use someone else’s identity as your own identity.
I can find Yong VESC controllers and Yong VESC motors, Yong VESC software.
I can find Yong O-Drive, Yong O-Drive software etc.

Did you ever ask the O-Drive developers if that is OK for them to use their identity and project identity in trade? These are people who put a lot of their time and effort into software that is usable for the general public. You profit from their hard work. Don’t mess around with their identity! It dis-encourages developers to create OS software. They want to spread knowledge and code and share all that, and in consequence they should be respected. As a business you need to lay your own brand foundations!

Focbox and Stormcore are two good example how you should handle branding and marketing. Both made use of the code, but both created their own identity / brand.


I will learn from Focbox and Stormcore, which needs a process to improve.

Can you enforce a trademark on a description?

Vedder Electronic Speed Controler to me sounds like a way to describe an ESC that was built using Vedders schematics and designs. I dont think that’s an enforceable trademark.

It’s also widely used to describe this type of technology. I call all VESC based controllers a VESC and will continue to do so.


@Trampa why don’t you start a topic about trademark instead of destroying this seller anounce thread ?


based upon the VESC® -Project.
** VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder.**
Will be in the instructions to join the above instructions.


I suggest you start a topic about trademark.
Let everybody know.


Has been done already years back. We opened a website with all information etc.

@Lee_Wright you clearly do not understand the concept of identity in trade.
It’s not even in your favour to use someone else’s identity. If you fail to build your own brands, you will never have one. And if you run a business and use the TMs as you announced to do, you expose yourself to potential trouble. On top of that you basically show the developers the middle finger.


Like I said, I think VESC is descriptive and is not possible to enforce a trademark on.


VESC is as descriptive as BTIU or GTWE or any other 4 letters or digits.
Such things are looked at when you file a TM. And it is done multiple times (in each country).
VW = Volks Wagen
GM = General Motors