Torqueboards TB110 Really Big wheels [Serious]

Torqueboards TB110 Really Big wheels

I have been testing some new @torqueboards wheels and the latest version of them is really kicking my ass. So out with the words, and in with the photos.

update 2019-03-08: first production wheels

This contact patch takes railroad tracks and potholes like a champ.

This diameter makes streetplates and sidewalk cracks melt under your feet.

I haven’t had any chunks so far…

These are massive. Those are normal-sized kegel-style cores.

I’ve been riding these for over 6 months now and I can’t imagine why anyone would want pneumatics. These soft monsters deliver a plush ride with the range-extending efficiency of DEEP premium polyurethane. This is the deepest polyurethane on any longboard wheel on the market. It’s even deeper than the Electric Flywheels or any Orangatang wheel. You can squeeze these in your hand. They are labeled 78A, but seem to be about a 74A - ish the way they feel to me. I don’t have a shore durometer, so I’m not for certain. They’re definitely a much better ride than SuperFly and they have a stronger, smaller core which allows for even deeper polyurethane.


Some earlier tests

So big

If you have any questions, hit me up.

These are currently available from Torqueboards at a great price.



UPDATE - 2019 February 27

The very first production wheel has rolled off the line. These will be black-on-grey. Hopefully the core color will match the grey brake dust that accumulates on wheel cores while riding.

They will be printed

Once these start shipping (word on the street is around the 4th week in March, I think) then the preorder price will no longer be available.

I’ve got two sets preordered and I’m going to try to afford to sneak a 3rd set in there before the deadline drops :smiley:


So plush
So massive
So big
So not chunky
Much happy


That is so much thane. Be like riding on marshmallows. Now I’m hungry.


How much thane is between the core and the outer rim? I know the kegels have 17mm and those are 80mm so math wise are these 47MM more thane?

PS: I am actually really digging those green thane wheels for the joker. I know they wont be green in production but one can wish right?

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Deepest 'thane you can buy.

Don’t let the 78A number scare you, when it’s this deep it feels super soft and bouncy.

I’m seeing about 32mm deep


Interesting. Purple kegels say 83A on them. The torqueboard website says they are 75A actually so maybe they had originally looked at 78A. So you have 3 sets now and your looking to do another 3 you are starting to get like @skunk with his surfrodz :sweat_smile:.

I only have prototypes – nobody has the production wheels yet.

Each prototype was better than the one before it…I expect that the production wheels are slightly improved compared to the last prototype, based off of everything learned.

IMHO these will make all other polyurethane esk8 wheels in the “above 100mm” category obsolete


I might have to sweet talk you for the greens because they would look killer on the joker :pleading_face: After I test the Popoca’s on my board of course.

The green ones were sent back to the factory for inspection

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womp womp oh well I tried


so like Boas then?

Not really; Boa Constrictors feel a bit more rugged and longboard-y

These feel a bit more plush and tire-y.

They are similar in appearance aside from the size/color differences, but the polyurethane formulas used on Boa and TB110 are not super similar. At least, to me, subjectively, they feel different. I don’t know how to quantify objectively that difference of feel extremely well.

They feel not like, but much closer to, SuperFly/Flywheel than they do to Constrictor.


@torqueboards are you going to send us some to review or are you just going tell me you are and then send them to everyone else first? I still don’t have the direct drives. Still don’t know if they’re total crap or not. Just going on the word of a fan of yours that they’re not garbage. You know I’m not going to tell anyone to use them until i do. You going to let me beat them with sticks and do a write up or what?


i have the sticks ready. i just need to beat something.

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@longhairedboy those DD should be on their way to you they lagging. I’ll check in and make sure they get to you soon. As for these 110s, I’ll send one out when I get them.


Noone’s gonna buy them unless @longhairedboy gets a set. Everyone knows that.


someone gotta put me on blast :sob:


Seriously. Look what happened to Boa. Sold out so bad Jeremy had to send me a set of white constrictors from his stash in China.


I already bought some but I won’t even unwrap them until you’ve done your business Damon. If you don’t approve I’ll tear my clothes off and ritually burn them in the back garden in your honor.