Torque board AT wheel set problems and info

Okay so I’ve got them for a year and have had some experience I want to share.

First, the rear pulley has no spacer between pulley bearing and inner wheel bearing. This would cause uneven load on that pulley bearing and even lack of support on those two wheel bearings when the axle nut is tightened.

So, drill the hole slightly bigger(forgot what size) and fit 4~5 skateboard washers in. Fill up the space when pulley and wheel are clipped together.

Also, I have had 10 inner tubes dead due to my board setup, roughly 80%(90% maybe) of the weight sits at rear axle and creates lots of heat and load. All 10 dead tubes were on rear wheels. Anyway I found that Torqueboard tubes design could be improved.

Torque board 160mm tube vs Evolve 150mm inner tube.

As you can see, when torqueboard tube is installed on the wheel, the valve design and angle forces the tube to twist and puts load and wear when riding.

6 out of 10 of my dead tubes worn through the same spot due to this twist effect.

Where as the Evolve tube has straight valve angle and has no bad effect on the tube whatsoever.

150mm tube is totally fine for torqueboard wheel/tyre. No worries.

Well it’s just things that can be improved and keep in mind. Merry Christmas and happy new year.


Can’t be helped by using slime?

oh hmm yeah slime no fix that

Have tried that and even proper pushbike tube repair set. Found that these small tubes are throw away when they’re damaged. Don’t even try patch them, won’t last for 5 mins.

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I have one popped already to mess around with, was hoping slime would solve my issues for my a duration of use but from this it seems they may still not.

will try the evolve 150mm tube out I guess, wanted some purple knobbies as well.


what if you cut this material out? (reinforced afterwards)

Thought about it but you know what just get evolve on and it fixes all… nice and easy.


Hmm so you think this tube twisted issue would not be present on a hub with thinner spokes like a trampa/sunmate?

Depends on how the spokes are buddy, never had different brand wheels so can’t tell you😭

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This thread needs more keywords it did not show up for my first few searches.



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Torqueboards tube issue problem deflating no puncture


is there any better pricing than $12/tube???

Nice. Thanks for the feedback! Will keep that in mind.


Would you stock the perpendicular valve tubes at some point and for less than $12?

These are the things that should be seen before sales are starting. I feel like we are buying parts for testing more than for using.

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Why is everyone shitting on tb. It’s getting old

Really? you actually feel this way? I’ve never had any problems with my tb stuff

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I’ve had too many problems with TB stuff to go back there, doesn’t help Dex’s communication is garbage and his whole attitude whenever his products receive criticism is laughable.


People are going to drive him out of this community.

I’ll agree the communication isn’t the best but whenever someone @ him, it’s just someone complaining

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I don’t think the intention is to drive him out of the community, but more to force him into proper communication and support


We pay money, he is not doing us a a favor by selling. We deserve the right to complain.


what kind of attitude is this

The average consumer one?