The Stage | Hummie Deck | Gummies | Dual VESC 6 | Dual 6355 | 10S5P | 3D Printed Enclosure

Time to move here

I will keep the first post always updated with the current setup


  • Hummie Deck - Bottom hole routed wider and longer - @hummieee
  • Gummies on white/black Superstars - @Trampa
  • Dual VESC 6 - @Trampa
  • Dual 6355 190KV - @torqueboards
  • 10S5P 30Q
  • Belt drive - 14:53 - 3D printed wheel pulley
  • 3D printed enclosure
  • DIY NRF24 Arduíno based radio
  • TB218 trucks - bottom mounted flush with the deck - @torqueboards
  • Custom designed CNC milled 7075 mounts
  • Vedder antispark

For more info and how I arrived in the current setup see


Now to the current state and why the board is unrideable at the moment

Current problems, from worse to less worse:

  • Radio drops completely and gets back only when restarting the board
  • Antispark limiting the discharge current from the new 30Q pack
  • Enclosure with lots of cracks, so not waterproof at all
  • 3D printed pulleys have to go, silent when new but gets louder as they wear
  • Lack of lights for daylong riding
  • Lack of BMS

Lots of ranting bellow, fell free to ignore

The main issue is the radio, it always worked ok, only riding in a big city I had cutout once or twice, but now its every time, since I wrote the code for the radio there is no reason for it to cut and don’t connect again, but no worries, I bought a GT2B and its on my table just waiting to be installed tested and them modded with a @mastercho enclosure

This weekend it should have been the range test, but after 5 cutouts, loosing a big part of my shoes braking when the radio cut on a big hill and them trying to get back home only for the board to turn off on it’s own and stay like that for a few minutes, lets say it didn’t happen, but from this ride I should be able to go 45 km

The antispark will be solved going XT90S and the enclosure will be a masterpiece from @BigBen with a modified rear to fit a pod that will house MT60, GX12 and GX16 for sensors and charging and the XT90S

The wheel pulley and just have to order some custom ones, but… more bellow

Lights to be made, I have all the parts

BMS, hopefully to get a FlexiBMS when the beta starts, I have a cheap one but didn’t install yet

The truth is, I haven’t been riding much, my city sucks for riding, there is not bike paths, the streets are ok in some places and crap in others, so you really have to plan your route and the worse is that there is water channels at almost every intersection that you have to take really slow and at an angle or you will fly, not even the 125mm Gummies can handle them at speed

On top of that, if I want to go to a chill cruise on the weekends, there isn’t much to go, only one or two places, and I know them really well by now

Now, since it’s a small city, I have lots of country roads and some nearby towns that would be fun to spend the day going to an back, you can see were I’m going

The best rides I had here were in some packed dirty trails as evidently from the first picture

The current plan is to finally put on the 6.5" Urban Threads that’s have been sitting for almost a year and see how the board behaves in a more serious off road, if I find that that’s the way to go, I may sell the Hummie deck + trucks and mounts and go to a Trampa MTB setup, unfortunately the Brazilian Real is pretty low on value these last few years, that plus 72% taxes makes everything expensive

In the moment I’m just thinking about it

If you read until here you deserve a smile :slightly_smiling_face:

But first lets fix the board


I think you have to finally mount the pneumatics and then ask yourself why you didn’t mount them last year already :joy:

After reading your post I guess the pneumatics will solve many problems. Only downside is the decreased range, costs for replacement tires and tubes and the possibility of flats. But I prefer them anyway because you can ride almost on all terrains which is great.

Good luck with fixing your board!


Thanks for the incentive rich :smiley:

To be honest what I really should have done is have another set of rims so everything is quick to change, but since I’m cheap :grin:

I was searching again and for £350 on Trampa + $50 on tires I can convert it, unfortunately this after taxes and shipping converts to R$ 3500, which is a lot

I will print some pulleys for them and let’s see what happens

Oh, and to add to the list of things that need fixing, my charger after tinkering with it to limit current is shot, kind off

It have adjustable voltage, but if you crank it so it’s charging at full current it overheats and shuts down, so you have to set the voltage lower wait it to reach, increase a bit, wait again and on and on, a 3h charging turns out into 6+

It’s 2 AM and I’m searching Ali for a charger

Since I don’t want to give up on adjustable voltage, I will just open the new one and add 3 diodes in séries in series with a switch that shorts them, this way I can charge to either 42 V or 39.9 V, if anyone have a reason why this is a bad idea let me know before I cause a fire

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Instead maybe grab one of these and get a useful tool out of it? Buck/boost 0-50v 5A, usb or bluetooth control if you want it.

That’s nice, thanks, added to the shopping cart

Some internal pictures before I change everything


I think using the diodes to limit the end of charge voltage will work well, plus a LED to indicate that it’s being charged to a lower voltage, because there is no such a things a too many lights


Limited@full current:

Limited @ end of CV phase:

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How wide and long did you route the cutout?

5 mm on the sides and 10 mm front and back


Just made a simple loopkey holder, just have to make a cut to the side of my enclosure and done

One thing I’m really struggling to decide is whether to install the BMS or not

I’ve run all this time without one, checking once a week usually

I have no problem with BMS’s, but I’m afraid of installing a cheap one only to have problems. Really hoping to get my hands on the FlexiLite soon, a DieBMS, but I would have to remove at 1P from the battery to it to fit, so no way I’m doing that


Like a glove


Everything cleared up, so much room for activities, just need to buy a 100 A fuse and probably a JST 3 pin for the PPM input


Well, shit

Just found out that the 4 corners of electronics compartment of the Hummie deck are cracked

@hummieee have you seen anyone with this problem?

I’m open to suggestions on what to do

It’s hard to say how deep it goes, my plan was to fill them with superglue


From the outside apparently the rear corners have also propagated

The front they are still contained to the inside but two layers deep

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Forgot the pictures


How long have you been riding this deck?

A few months, probably around 1000 km, not that much

This probably happened because I routed the hole


How much did you remove when you routed? I fear for my deck!!

5 mm to the side and 10 mm front and back, not that much, probably would have cracked without routing on the same riding conditions