"The Feet Fatigue" - 150km range TB DD machine

Hi guys,

I already posted this under the “TB 40 deck” discussion, but decided to create a post to show you my new very long range machine.

Part used on the machine and cost related (without VAT/customs/shipping) :
Deck: TB 40 from Torqueboards ($120)
Enclosure: Bigben big enclosure from BigBen ($80)
Battery: 12s8p Samsung 50e (40Ah, 80A continuous, 160A burst), cells bought from Fogstar, and built by our Czech battery builder ($300 for the cells, $40 for the build)
ESC: Unity with Metr Pro ($255)
Drive train: TB DD 90KV from @torqueboards with TB 110mm Artic Blue 74A ($750)
Light: Shredlight ($100)
Telemetry: DavegaX from @janpom ($100)

Total of the build: $ 1,745



$40 for building a battery pack? Are you serious? (That would hardly cover the costs of wires, connectors, and fishpaper.)

Nice build! The range is insane.

BTW, can you feel the difference between the blue and black TB 110?


Ok, I lied… He asked for CZK 1000 ($40), I gave him CZK 1200 ($47) :smiley:

Yes I do feel the difference, they are plushier and grippier, I put only 500km on them compared to 3000+ km on the black ones, so I can’t speak yet about durability (I sold the black one to @michondr, he loves them I guess)



Awesome build

So many times I have thought about 50e for larger packs but you have to be doing like 8p for them to become useful

Amazing how you used them

Nice build!
Do you have any logs where voltage sag is visible?

That’s the only one I have


Is there a record for longest Esk8 distance run?
Range test tiiiimmeeee.:grin:

Can Samsung 50E really give 20A burst?


Would like to know the answer to this, if it does, then I am deffinetly building my next pack out of those

From the spec sheet looks like 14.7 amps max discharge, still pretty darn good! In an 8p pack that’s as much discharge as I ever need

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Yeah, 20A is going to be an insane amount of heat. That is not possible without a hazard.

His metr. logs don’t exceed 60A battery tho so not sure it matters in this use case.


But is that for both sides of the esc or just the one with the data port? If he pulled 120A total that’s pretty substantial

He said metr is on the unity so no, 60 total.


Awesome build!
Whats your average speeds with this thing?
Do you come across many hills?

My bad, I thought the max burst was 20, 15 is still enough for me as I am lightweight (75kg with gears) and we don’t have massive hills like in SF in Prague, CZ. We have hills that are 15/20 degrees or more, and 300/500 meters long.

As my motors are 90KV, and not 75 or 60, torque is not strong from 2 to 10km/h, but after that, this thing is a rocket, all the way to 70km/h. So almost impossible to start a hill stand still.

Regarding the range, if the weather is good, I might try it this Weekend, but we are talking 5 hours non stop of riding at 30km/h… that’s going to be tough, but shall be done for science.




With all that battery talk, do you have pictures of how the battery is made, @ThomasL?

$40 is really fucking cheap/good deal.

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I don’t have the pictures internally, but I have this:


Is it possible that you could get some pictures of it internally? :grimacing: maybe from the builder?

Those pictures you’ve sent are honestly pretty useless.

I’m not saying it’s a bad built battery (yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), but just want to make sure you’ve got a proper battery that won’t light this lovely board on fire…

$40 seems scarily cheap to me.

The builder is working in a company building batteries for electric bicycle, so cables/connectors, paper, etc… is pretty much covered. The 40$ is actually only for his time.

It’s not his first batteries for the Prague electric skateboard group, but it was his 4th of 5th. So far, any of us had issue.