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The Domino's Board | Senderized Hummie deck | "Budget build"



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Imma be honest with you. My friend’s a pretty weird guy. He’s very ambitious, and to achieve his many goals in life, has contracts with his friends (me being one of them), where we are responsible for making sure he completes a set of weekly goals or activities on time, and if not, he has to punish himself by rewarding us in some way, usually monetarily.

Well, his deal with me was to spend at most 200€ on some esk8 part, a body pillow for a person of my choosing, and 50 cheese burgers from Hesburger. (As you can tell, I had input on the esk8 part, but the rest was his choosing)

Well, he failed his commitments once, but since I was abroad, I couldn’t receive any of the rewards. Or so I thought, when a month later a fucking body pillow showed up at my door. :face_vomiting:

Few months later he failed again, but this time I made a deal with him –

Screenshot from 2020-09-13 19-51-55

Screenshot from 2020-09-13 19-52-34

And so we came up with a look for the deck that he liked, and sent the concept art to @Sender for him to do his magic.

Looking pretty good with the arctic blues, don’t it?

Tim needed a high resolution image to work with. So we paid a guy on Fiverr 8$ to upscale our original image. But somewhere in the process of sharing files, compression got in the way, and @mmaner was forced to painstakingly redraw the whole picture into higher res :laughing:

In the end, all of the money went into the deck and enclosure + shipping, leaving me with 100€ to finish the build. My friend didn’t want to analog skate, because “he’s not a pussy”, so every part in this build except for the deck was just something I had lying around.


  • Hummie deck with custom artwork by @Sender (fine frit)
  • @BigBen single stack enclosure
  • 12s2p 3Ah battery with LG HB6 – 60A discharge built by @pjotr47 (salvaged from my 1st build)
  • Refurbished Trampa Vesc 6 plus from @seaborder
  • Mini remote from Nexus Boards (@Anubis)
  • Torque Boards direct drive kit with 75KV motors bought used from @Thomas I believe?
  • TorqueBoards 110mm 78A wheels from the same guy
  • Used e-caliber truck on the front from @Jamie42

Building process and rationale

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The final plan for this board involves Surf Rodz TKP trucks in drop through, arctic blue 72A wheels, a puck remote, 12s4p 30Q and dual 6355 motors mounted rearwards. Well, my friend ain’t paying me shit, so I’ll lend him what I have.

The battery is from my first build. It has terrible range, because it’s flight safe. Has a discharge BMS though, so I don’t have to bother with an anti-spark :slight_smile:

I started by putting a layer of craft foam in the deck cutout, and used the same sticky foam meant for gaskets to create a foam wall on the edges to protect everything inside.

After putting some more foam around the battery, it fits snug as a glove! :smiley:
It’s got some Velcro on the top which will connect it to the enclosure, so that it doesn’t slide up into the empty space.

The previous light switch I used for this battery was pretty sketch, so I went out and bought a new one :scream:

Here’s everything plugged in and foamed-up against sharp corners. Charging port is fused of course. I also routed the receiver antenna to outside the enclosure :slight_smile:

Since I only had a single ESC available, I took one of the direct drives off the hanger. Free roll is amazing, but torque not so much.

Vesc settings are as follows:
Mode: Current with reverse (because you get poor braking otherwise)
Motor: +80A -80A
Battery: +60A -20A
I enabled current limiting for ERPM to kick in at around 28km/h and end at 35km/h. My friend would definitely kill himself on this board if he went any faster. + the baseplate for the direct drives is 50 degrees, and it did NOT like me trying to use an angled riser on it.

Finally, I bolted the enclosure shut with nice washers from @Sender and some blue loctite (the only time I even used loctite on this build :open_mouth: ), and finished the build up by velcroing the on-off switch to the riser between the truck and the deck.

And that’s it! It’s quite weak due to the single drive, and the motor heats up fast, and then it’s REALLY SLOW when thermal throttling starts (I set strict limits due to current FW bugs), but braking is passable at these speeds, and it’s very quiet when cruising at a constant speed. I don’t recommend others try using just 1 direct drive, but hey, gotta do watcha gotta do. Friend will pick the board up next week, might have some videos to share then. Ta-ta for now! :wave:

Sexy photos:


Single drive DD 2P? How is the torque?
Also we all know you’re a weeb in disguise, you probably built this as a body pillow :wink:


It’s not great. If you think about it, usually we have at least a 1:2 ratio for motors, but direct drive has 1:1. So with only one motor, it’s actually far worse than a normal single drive belt build. It is adequate enough to be useful (not as powerful as pushing, but almost). Biggest problem currently is that due to Vesc FW bugs, I have strict temperature throttling limits set, so quite fast the motor heats up, and then acceleration sucks a lot.

Luckily these limits don’t affect braking, and with regular current mode and a small value for direction change, it’s pretty good. I might experiment with powered braking instead of regen on belt setups as well going forward. :smiley:

Also: as this is clearly a budget build, I can’t afford a metr module for gathering logs. All I can say is that I don’t recommend single direct drive. (Well, if you were building a push board with electric assistance, then this would be perfect actually) I’ll be stealing those off this board soon for myself, and then putting a belt drive instead.


Any wheelbite in the front with the narrow trucks?

Nope! Hummie decks have their truck holes quite far out. Hence why so many people use them with pneumatic wheels as well. I’m not running the trucks drop-through though. If I was, I would get slight wheel-bite. Use Surf Rodz if you want drop through – their hangers are further away from the mounting holes than calibers would be :+1:

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Those skinned decks look so good! And I told you you’d use the truck for something, it’s nice that you found a build for it😃


You should call it “the simp board” :rofl:

Really like the build, looks really clean :love_you_gesture:


that feel when you blow your entire budget on the custom deck :joy:

"and then the rest of the board was the crap I had laying around…

  • Trampa VESC 6
  • TB DD’s
  • TB110’s "

… that feel when someones junk build is better than your best build :sob:

wait lol, HALF a TB direct drive?
haha made me feel a bit better XD

The deck turned out great though :slight_smile:


I must know the wh consumption

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Can we be friends? I need a board :rofl:


Sure! Just move to Latvia so that we can ride together :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to travel there one day… one day

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This definitely feels like it’s sexual :face_with_monocle: fin-domming through esk8. Nice board though I have a similar idea to get some bara art done of Tim and Damien and then having him skin it.

Not gonna lie, this build is beautiful. Probably wouldn’t dare to ride it in public tho :grin:

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I like the look of a single direct drive :thinking: plans plans plans

this is aweome, this looks BEAUtiful

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