The best of the best Chargers!

I was doing some research on the forum to try and find folk’s recommendations for solid chargers, and realized that there is no good centralized source for info on chargers. So, post your preferred charger(s) (with link(s)!!), what they are rated at, and most importantly your experience with the chargers reliability. Also if there is anything else you really like or don’t like about it (i.e. I like this one because it is only the size of a postage stamp, or it is unfortunate that the fan is so loud you need hearing protection to use it etc…).


Any of the metal ones with a fan are pretty decent and you can find them for a decent price in AliExpress for around $45~


The metal ones with the fans have not fared well for me, and they are noisy, which bothers the significant other.

The best ones I have found are the MDA 4A chargers that Metroboard/Evolve/enertion use. Also, they are float chargers – many chargers I have found are trickle chargers


Do you have a good link you can share?

10S 4A fanless float

I forgot you only run 10s… It doesn’t look like they carry a 12s version.

I think the exway fast charger is 12s 4a. Supposed to be pretty good from the reviews I have seen.

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I also run 12S LiFePO4 which is 43.8V

I use Meanwell HLG been tested by serval exspercancsed community members working in the electronics industry to give a very good and stable and constant DC CC CV power supply. Pretty boom proof when it comes to reliability no fan lots of in built protection. Mouser have consistently been one of the cheapest places I have bout then from and do free shipping on ordered over £50 but can purchest from els we’re. Down side is You will also need to add your own plug and charger socket and there not cheep even tho I provided links to a place that sells them cheep.

2.28A 10s for comparison and slow charging

4.4a 10s 3p 30q normal charge (with in Samsung 30Q data sheet)

11.4a 10s3p q30 fast charge (with in Samsung 30Q data sheet)

5.72a 10s 4p 30q normal charge (with in Samsung 30Q data sheet)

14.3a 10s4p or higher P count q30 fast charge (with in Samsung 30Q data sheet)

For 12s you will need a Philips1 screwdriver to adjust the voltage pot 50.4v and a multi meter to see the voltage the 1st time you set it up. Iv included the options you might need for a higher voltage for some BMS auto charge detection.

12s3p 30q normal charge (with in Samsung 30Q data sheet)
4.5a Need to set the Voltage pot to 50.4v
5a Need to set Curent pot to 4.5a Voltage pot to 50.4v

12s3p Fast Charge or higher p count (with in Samsung 30Q data sheet)
11.2a Need to set the Voltage pot to 50.4v
12.5a Need to set Voltage pot to 50.4v

12s4p 30q normal charge (with in Samsung 30Q data sheet)
5.95a Need to set the Voltage pot to 50.4v
6.7a Need to set Curent pot to 6a Voltage pot to 50.4v


Ive just ordered this for my slow charger :rofl:

High amp chargers are pricey.


Says the one building a power station.

I am expecting you to be offering mobile charge serves on group rides for all them mepo riders that go flat


Im currently in talks about a tow service where I will be paid with beer.


Perhaps I’m reviving an outdated discussion, but if I’m understanding the tables correctly… and I have a 12s6p pack made from Panasonic ncr18650bd batteries, I should get the HGL-320H-48. ?

My pack measured 49.2V on my volt meter and I’m setting the VESC to run at 5 Amp, with dual motors so 30 Amps total and 15 Amps per motor. I assume if I can discharge at 5 Amps continuous safely I can re-charge at 4 Amps safely? The second page of the manual says adjustable voltage 43-52V and adjustable current between 3.35 - 6.7 Amps.

Would I set it to 49V and 4 Amps? Never owned a charger before so not sure how you adjust them. Thanks.

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For a 12S li-ion battery, you’d set it to 50.4V.


Just make sure it’s a HGL-320H-48A. It’s only the A variants that can be adjusted. It’s pretty easy to do so, there’s two adjustable potentiometers behind some little rubber grommets that pop out. Adjust while hooked up to a multimeter.


Wry helpful to know that!!! Thank you.

I like mine: The Satiator, Programmable Battery Charger
It’s targetted at the ebike community but it does everything you want.
My version goes up 63V 8A.
It’s got profiles for Lead Acid as well as lithium, nicad etc so you can use it for your car battery or what have you.
Right now it’s being leant to my motorcycle mechanic who’s using to try to recover the batteries in a Brammo electric motorcycle.


Just wanted the share the following email from my brother who is an electrical engineer. This stuff is beyond me but thought I would share if it helps anyone… I asked him about this charger : HLG-320H-MEAN WELL Switching Power Supply Manufacturer

"That’s not a battery charger, it’s a constant-current LED driver. It’ll put out however-many amps continuously, which will hurt your batteries.

Li-ion cells need a constant-current charge to some threshold voltage, then constant-voltage until the current drops to another threshold, then step back to a float charge. LiPo and LiFePO4 have different charging requirements based on the cell chemistry, so make sure you get something specifically for Li-ion. (Assuming you did get 18650 Li-ion cells.)

Something like these:

There appear to be many options with various charging rates and connector options. But definitely get a charger that’s matched to your battery chemistry. It matters."

Those LED power supplies are already constant-current/constant-voltage (CC/CV) supplies and transition from CC to CV automatically as the charge progresses. They can be used for Li-Ion/Li-Po/LiFePO4 (they’re all Li-Ion) charging as long as the correct voltage and acceptable charging current level is used.

The biggest issue is that, unlike a dedicated charger, those LED power supplies never stop charging and hold the cells at the charging voltage. This is bad for li-ion cells.

But as long as you disconnect the power supply when the charging current has dropped down a lot, typically at 1/10th of the bulk charging rate, then you are okay.


Just nitpicking…

It’s amp restricted at 360W so a 12s (50.4 V) pack would be capped at 7.1A

I’m still interested in owning one of these though, no negativity intended :upside_down_face: