Need a charger. Have DieBieMS

I have a 12S LiPo pack that I need to charge with my DieBieMS. I’m bypassing the DieBie and going straight to the ESC with main power, so DieBie will only be charging. I would like to get a charger soon and not wait half a year for an AliExpress order.

From what I have read, I can buy a meanwell LED driver from mouser, or some knockoff charger from Amazon.

I was reading this lovely topic The best of the best Chargers! and really couldn’t get a clear answer on anything.

I’m figuring if I go the meanwell route, I can knock the voltage down to 49.5 or 50v so I don’t have to worry about overcharging the pack or anything of the like.


Fastest way would probably be an adjustable power supply from Amazon. Also the most expensive way, but hey, you get an adjustable power supply, very useful. Otherwise just bite the bullet and wait for the cheap one from AliExpress. Here in Europe they usually arrive within 3 weeks.

Not meaning to hijack this thread, but any recommendations for a small lightweight 50.4v charger that I can throw in my backpack for emergencies?

The only one I could find on Amazon that looks applicable is this one

So basically the meanwell LED driver, right?

No, I meant like a desktop adjusttable power supply.