TelTail Lights (TTL) - Interactive eSkate Lighting System

Could the horn be operated by the VX2?

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Unfortunately since the VX2 is purely UART based, it is not able to control the TTL system directly.

The best option when using a VX2 remote is to purchase an RF Remote to go with the TTL system. It will give you a dedicated momentary pushbutton to control the system with. Then you could set the system up to control the horn and lights using that remote.

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I have two in use and just ordered my third system so you’d think I’d know the answer to this question but… Can the lights be turned off while still allowing for the brake light to remain functional? Similar to a car.

I keep my lights on during the day just for the brake light and would rather not have the battery drain if I could avoid it. Perhaps two options for “off” where one is all off, the other brake light only(?)

If this is answered already I apologize for being a lazy bastard and not rereading the thread :grin:


Thanks so much for your continued support! It means alot to see I have repeat customers :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

For the brake light, you are looking for the “Always-on Brake Light” setting. With that enabled, the brake light will stay on at all times as you described. This feature was requested by a beta tester (not remembering who :sweat_smile:) and Ive kept it enabled on my boards ever since.


I had a question the other day if it makes sense to get clear/opaque tubing then run the leds strips through that. Then you could put then under the deck without much worry of tearing them. Also would seal the ends for water resistance.
I guess this is the smarter but less flexible way to get that.

This was $5 at HD, if you drill a bunch holes in it and then silicone the led strip in there could be a durable solution.

great fit.

this is similar but PVC

I guess the right size and thickness c channel of alu or steel is ideal.

oh epoxying them into the side of a deck as well. Drop in durable solution is the goal. One could cut and bend these channels to fit popular decks.


The led strips have been working fine just as is on my two builds. First set is attached directly to the deck using whatever peel off tape adhesive comes on them. Been good through hell for 6 months now.

Second I have attached to the enclosure. The default adhesive doesn’t like whatever Alan uses for fiberglass epoxy on his enclosures and they ripped off first ride. Had to glue them on with E6000 and they’ve been solid since.


This is what happens if they are on the deck and you smash them on something, so preventing that and somewhat diffusing the light were the goals.
THIS is what I wish I found, Polycarb would not crack or dent a lot like this steel. Cutting down the size might be a pain but looks near ideal.
same shape pic upside down

along the lines of these ideas tubing might still be a good idea, polycarb being the desired material I think.

10 maybe 8mm tube when heated could be pressed/rolled to fit the 11mm wide LED strip.


What about using one of the nylon woven fibers (transparent composites) and epoxy? It’d be like fiberglassing it in place only transparent. LED lights are going to outlive any esk8 build, so its not like you’d ever have to remove them for replacement.

Now that I think about it, would make for some sweet enclosures


If you want diffusion and protection, the solution designed for this is silicone channels:

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Make sure you check which LEDs you have.

US $3.98 30%OFF | SK6812RGBW LED Neon Rope Tube WS2811 WS2812B WS2813 Flexible LED Strip Light Silica Gel Soft Lamp Tube 1m - 5m IP67 Waterproof

I needed at 90deg angle change, so mine are much larger, but they work excellent and still put out a lot of light


Could one route a channel I’m the edge of the deck for these?


TTL kit LED strips are 11mm wide about as thick as a longboard deck, so more like square off the edge then seal it over with epoxy.

One last idea for diy protection for the led strips you could bend some thick steel wire along its path and secure it with more wire/glue. That idea could be used with attaching them to the sides not inset as well.

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These are all really good ideas for protecting the strips :raised_hands: I especially like channels the tubes that @sleepless shared. Its really cool how they allow you to bend the strips perpendicular to the direction the light is being output. Ill take a look at these options further and see if any are feasible to add to the TTL kits.


Hey Matt would one be able to have different parts of the pixel LED strips configured to be front/back facing for the compass effects?


That sounds doable. The biggest challenge at this point is integrating the option to enable/disable a new feature in settings it is as simple and as possible and modifies the most light modes possible.

Can you describe what your picturing in a little more detail, there are a couple different ways I can picture that.