Tayto Tail Guard

Hey, anyone know of a tail guard that fits the Tayto deck? Just picked one up but would like to install one to protect it


these type of deck guard works:


this is just an example, u can probably find some thing similar and cheaper from aliexpress if u don’t mind the shipping time

I hate those amazon tail guards. I lost like 2 of them. If your using a kicktail board then they will likely just fall off randomly after like 5 rides. even after supergluing them to the deck they still fell off(tool like 2 months tho). I ended up just 3d printing some guards out of TPU and epoxying them to the deck.

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If you want the file I can send it to you. the bottom one has the 3d printed guards.

thanks, i too dislike those amazon bendy ones.

I was thinking of something more like the Powell Tail Bone, but its too wide. Perhaps I’ll grind the sides down


I designed a tail guard myself.

The fitment would be like this

Though i haven’t tested it fully printed and mounted yet.


design it around something like this
tail devil


Something like this?

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Is that a Tayto you’re holding it up against?


I actually have a spare one of these, but something doesn’t sit right with me using a Boosted part on a non-Boosted board :man_shrugging:

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That’s awesome, I unfortunately do not have a 3d printer though

Well there dead so what wrong with the pillaging the corpse a little :wink:

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I use a piece of translucent plastic so that it also acts as a diffuser for a tail light. I also have a layer of hot glue on the actual edge so that it doesn’t slide when it’s leaning against a wall (e.g. in the train or in a pub). Both get worn but the idea is they’re easily replaceable.


Do you have the STL file for this by any chance?

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Amazing, do you have more pictues of this build?

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I can send it to ya later.

is it possible to print it in clear? maybe i should “upgrade” my tayto :joy:

If you find a semi translucent filament? Probably.

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