3d printing requests,

So there’s tons of little bits that can be 3D printed and used for building our esk8 builds.
But not everyone has access to a printer.
This is a place to try and connect to people who do have access that are willing to give thier time/ equipment to help other members out.

Its up to both parties how to negotiate, some people print random things for nothing. Some need compensation. Some do it in trade.

Ill start off.

Hoping to get these both printed.


Hey might be able to help you out. I’m at school right now so when I get home I will see what I can do for ya

Hershey, PA


Here in nevada if anyone needs


I’m working on a redesign of a few of those models currently. Some of them have flaws that lead to failure sort of fast and others are off in one way or another. For the instance that sweet looking loopkey doesn’t fit the xt90 properly and you also need to melt the cap. It’s a sweet concept just needs some refinements. I’m not the original creator.


Should I hold off on printing them yet or no @Skunk

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Yeah hold off just a bit. I definitely want the tail guard but im still unsure how im doing my loopkey honestly.

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Just putting it out there, I have printed several things for members and an always down to help out where I can :slight_smile: I’ll watch this space


Im starting the Tail bone right now.
There are 2 STL’s The regular tail bone or tailbone small what one would you like @Skunk


I would say the loopkey holder you have the link to or the one @mmaner

I have that one and it great.

Anyone have a 3D scanner?


I need both at some point so your pick.

I have a 3d printer and am willing to print for a small fee to cover the filiment cost.


Ok, any chance you have extra motor screws to mount the motor to the mount for a 6374/190kv because thats the final little thing i need for my board. If you dont it doesn’t matter.

Also Im printing both of them right now

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Yeah i probably do. Send me a PM, I want to make sure I send you the right length.

I’m in IT EU, printing in abs for small parts, pla and petg, 97a tpu

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UK based printer here, can print any materials even CF and glass fibre infused parts. Hit me up if you need anything


My friend here has used his iPhone as a 3d scanner with success


Israeli printer here will print PLA and PETG. EU is also possible and not to bad for shipping…

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Its a part I need for work and I have tried a lot the free scanner apps for the iphone and none have the real scanning ability and since it is for work I’m not going to buy an app because I will probably never get reimbursed

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