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Surfskate anyone?

Hey Guys
first post! wondering what you think

I’m thinking of making a surf skate board. Has anyone tried it?
not looking for mad speed just loads of torque and decent range.

I think i might be over cooking it with some of the stuff but wanted to have the ability to up the speed and stuff if surf skate is a disaster.

Also trying to get everything from uk

Apex ble smart bms 12s Apex BLE SMART BMS (10S/12S)
12s2p molicel p26a fogstar
VESC 6 VESC 6 MkV Vedder Electronic Speed Controller
Maytec remote Maytech Rechargable Remote Control & Receiver - Thumb Controlled

Maytec 6374 200kv Maytech 6374 200kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
100mm diameter wheels
16/40 gearing
waterborne surf adapter Collections – Waterborne Skateboards
rider 100kg


Seems good to me, but you should really start with finding a deck and enclosure first!


Also, where are you getting the battery from? If this is your first board then I suggest buying a ready-made battery from a trusted builder on here. Maybe Ben’s garage sale has something that works for you :upside_down_face:

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The surfskate adaptor is a crazy loose setup. Even with just the front adaptor, it was super divey. I have it on a longboard and am still getting used to it haha. It’s like removing all bushings from your truck level loose.

I’d go for a longer deck and start off with just the front adaptor.


I have a couple hundred kms on my Meepo v3 + Waterborne surf adapter, works like a charm for city rides.
Once you learn how to ride it (most of the weight on the back foot) you can do 40km/h without trouble.

The thing is, the faster you go the straighter the adapter wants to be, I haven’t had classic speed wobbles ever.


Interesting. Thanks for the advice, I’ll have to give that a go.

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My friend has a surf adapter on his modded Meepo Shuffle (pintail deck and Cloudwheels) and he hasn’t had any issues up to about 20 MPH

Yeah I’m also pushing that deck so more times having to deal with foot positioning. I ought to throw it on a deck with some hubs and see how it does.

noy my fastest

but it’s stable, have hittttt 42? mph with em no problem

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Looks like my friend has gone up to 27 now, and he linked me one of your vids going 43 :eyes: :eyes:

im crazy

Ive always wanted to fit an evolve 12 inch tkp hanger on a carver c7 front truck. Has anyone tried this? Might be more solid and ride better than the waterborne.

It’s unlikely they compatible

Just looking at your parts list

Maytech remote - I wouldn’t bother with that, it’s garbage. Flipsky VX1 or VX2 is a better budget choice

Personal choice here but if feels like you might be geared a bit high there, 2.5:1 with 200kv motors on 100mm wheels. I’d consider 170kv motors, will take your theoretical weighted top speed from 35mph to 30 but will pay you back with some torque. Depends what you think your estimated average riding speeds will be, I assume a surf skate would be lower than normal.

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I have a little guy with a surf adapter.

it is cool.

but it is a tiny deck that is a toy.

I have not tried it on a longboard but folks that have seem to be happy…

My personal experience with surfskate trucks is that they feel better on a shorter board.

I am not a fan at all of the waterborne adapter, they make the ride height way too high and just feel gross IMO.

If i was gonna make an e-surfskate, i’d be using carver cx trucks with the loaded hubs.

But personally i don’t really care for the idea. For me the joy of surfskate is gaining momentum through pumping the board… putting motors on one would just be a loose squirelly ride IMO.

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Yup. Rode a local dudes DIY eskate w surfskate adapter and it was strange. It was super long and high. Really manoeuvrable and noodly/unstable at low speed and more and more stable with speed. Pretty wierd to ride but interesting to try a completely different setup.


That dude makes some pretty unique boards.

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Bro, his latest lacroix is nuts

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I want his esk8 budget

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