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[UK/EU] Ben's garage sale

Alright its around that time when I need to clear more stuff out. Most of this is new and unridden, or ridden as a test setup so an insignifigant milage. I can also warranty the stuff :slight_smile: Lots of the stuff has sat around in a literal garage for a little while (Not the batteries or electronics), so some of the steel screws are a bit rusty. I’ve tested everything so I know its working but if it breaks prematurely let me know and I’ll warranty/refund it.

(Images will be added over the coming couple of days, if you want to see something immediatly please let me know)

Shipping not included.

:zap: Powertrain stuff

**Dual BH Flipsky 6355 with a BN Helical GD with BN220 and ABEC 97s** 0 Miles, test setup.

Images coming super soon

230 GBP.

**Dual BH Flipsky 6374 170kv with Dickyho dual AT mounts (6" tire capable) with BN220. No wheels** 0 Miles, test setup.

Images coming super soon

230 GBP.

**Ownboard 2020 Direct drive with lingyi ESC and ABEC + Kegel adapters** 0 Miles, test setup.

There is usually no front truck, but I can provide one.

220 GBP.

:battery: Battery stuff

12S4P Molicel P26A flex tolerant pack (Fits in hummie and probably many others)
Comes shrink wrapped and stuff obviously :slight_smile:
0 miles new.

290 GBP.

12S6P Molicel P42A flex tolerant double stacked pack For a really big undermount. I have a kinda crappy ABS enclosure that fits it I can include but would recommend using something nicer.

Pictures coming super soon. Built by me though so its not a bomb.

450 GBP.

10S2P budget board brick pack Fits in a fair few boards but not all of them, its a little tall.

Pictures coming soon, but its just a blue brick.

160 GBP

:skateboard: Decks

Roughed up hummie with the channel expanded at 1 end up a cm poorly. Its not structurally compromised but its ugly on the bottom.

Pictures super soon

50 GBP

Landyachtz Switchblade Chief Night 40” (I have 2) brand new


120 GBP

:brain: ESC stuff
Flipsky 6.6 single in a metal case. I’ll pay you if you can kill one of these on 60-90 amps. Kinda awkward to use though because the case is so big.

90 GBP Each (I have a few)

More to be added when I get the time :slight_smile:


Will you accept 220 gbp for both? I will take them in that case.

I would need them shipped to London. Shipping costs is on me of course.


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Ones already gone :frowning:

Then I’ll take the second one.


PM’d regarding one of your FS 6.6’s. Good esc IMO and good deal too!

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I’m tempted by this, how is the clearance?

It’s gone :frowning: I’ll update the thread soon but mostly just batteries left

Idk what progress you’ve made on the 10s4p for my friend’s board (he’s in Latvia atm which is why I haven’t bothered you about it yet, lol), but I’d be interested in knowing if this pack would fit, since it’s not that much more :upside_down_face:

It would be incredible if you did an enclosure to match the bottom theme of this board lol

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I really have no idea at the moment. I did a skin job for @rusins on a deck like this. I remember that I really liked it. That’s why I bought one for myself.

Let it sit, some idea will come eventually. :joy:


The depth will be way off, it’s probably close to 60mm deep. Otherwise I’ll measure it when I’m back

I haven’t started on the 10s4p, the lead time on it is only like 3 days so it’ll pretty much just be when it’s needed

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Even if you didn’t stagger stack, 2x 18mm would be 36mm – how do you have wiring take up 24mm of space? :laughing:

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xD I’ll have to measure it again when I’m back but I think it’s just got a ton of fish paper.