Submit a budget build (SERIOUS)

Since we have new people coming in all the time with limited budgets for their first builds, I thought it might be nice to have a bunch of proposals for them to look through.

Please no comments about what you disagree with or how you could do better. Please keep comments to proposals or pointing out missing items or potential problems like proposed motors too wide for proposed trucks, etc.


I’ll go first (40" longboard street/urethane):

(Prices without shipping because too many variables)

Skateshred dropdown deck model #L140: $35
Dual 5065 140 or 200kv motors: $60-65 each (get matching red motor pulley)
Caliber 2 trucks: $50
Belts: $10-20
Dickyho mounts: $40
Maker-X Go-Foc dual (v)esc $120
DIYE enclosure: $40
Mini remote: $20-25
Meepo 97mm ABEC core wheels $56
Wheel pulley (3D printed nylon): $15-25
Meepo standard battery: $105
Loop key: $5-10

Total: $600-640


Single motor 6384 from eBay: 75$ (These actually can kick ass)
Boardnamics Mount: 20$
Gear pulleys (wheel and motor): 35$ (Can source 9$ drive wheel aluminum abec pulleys off alibaba)
Belt: 4$ From China ebay
Caliber 2 trucks: 50$
Flywheel clones: 25$ (new from amazon with bearings)
Bearings: 15$ ( if you want zealous)
Esc: working used 4.12 vesc: 50$
Deck: 40” no name decks from eBay; 40$
Batteries: 10s2p pack using used cells from say, battery hookup : 80$ (all in)
Remote: cheap bulky hobby remote and receiver: 20$
30$ bms

Now that’s 400ish dollars.
450$ if you splurge and cells are new and u get a new esc


This is what I’m building for a friend, prices will very a ton because these are all used parts or stuff we got for free for his build.

Landyachtz Switchblade - $50
Single TB 6355 190kv - 50
Abec 83mm clones - 15
Truck with Mount - 30
Front Truck - 15
Vesc 4.XX - 50
Metroboard Battery - 125
Metroboard Charger - 25
Remote - 20-60
Enclosure (Altar Wedge) - 70
Belts - 6
Pulleys - 25

Total: $481-521


Folds arms and puffs *

Fr tho if you got a stash of switchblades and tb 6355s for 50$ a pop hmu


Nah, the switchblade was from @eicarumba and it was his old old old board, I spent around 3 or 4 hours cleaning it up (Taking the old foam he had a s sealant on it off, regripping, filling in hole etc), although I’m probably gonna make it look just as messy. The 6355 was my old motor when I upgraded to a 170kv…


This is a great detailed budget build article by @mmaner :


It should be noted for which country the list of parts is written for, because customs can be a huge increase in price.:slightly_smiling_face:


Lol this is so easy… @BuildKitBoards Tayto. Best budget build out there. And ask @Sender, my first build was super budget, and the tayto still wins as far as price vs quality.


thats only really true for the US, if you toy with the idea of buying a bkb dual in europe youre looking at about 1050$ after all fees :see_no_evil:

anyways, not a build per se - but if you can grab a used enertion raptor 1 in decent condition its a really good entry to the hobby- i was as lucky as to score one for 650€ and did not regret once

From RideNeo:

  • Neo One S deck – 273.5€
  • Neo Box V4 esc – 73€

From the forum:

  • 10s3p battery with BMS and charging port for ~170€
  • Buy some used wheels for ~40€
  • Buy a used remote for ~30€
  • Buy a used front truck for ~20€
  • Buy a used charger for ~15€

From electricboardsolutions:

  • Single motor mechanical kit – 200€
  • Griptape – 6€
  • Bearings with integrated spacers – 12€
  • If you need risers: – 3.5€

From HW store or ebay:

  • Buy bolts for the trucks – 4€
  • XT-90S anti spark connector – 2€
  • JB weld to fix that shitty motor mount in place – 10€

Total: 859€

(Obviously you can save a lot by using a cheaper deck and home-made enclosure, but with this setup you wouldn’t have to upgrade the expensive items down the line. The more items you buy from the same shop / person, the cheaper shipping becomes relative to the amount spent.)



Budget AT Build:

Deck - Ebay/skateshred drop deck (make sure to check for wheelbite) - $40

Motors - 2x @dickyho 63xx - $100

Wheels/Mounts/Trucks/Pulley/Belts - @dickyho AT Drive Kit - $130

Battery - 10s Lipos or NESE - $150

Bms - Cheap Charge Only or Lipo Balance Charger - $15

ESC - eBay Dual or Cheap Vesc (Maker X / Flipsky /Neobox) - $100

Enclosure - 3D Printed / Dry Box / Laptop Bag - $20

Total approx cost: $550 - $600

Here’s an example of my build like this


Landyachtz deck on sale $40 (Or ebay deck)
flipsky vesc 4.12 on aliexpress $50
mini remote on aliexpress/banggood $15
dickyho single belt kit $66 (with 97mm wheels included)
dickyho 6374 sensored $50
dickyho shipping $36 (cheaper if you msg him on here and paypal him directly to avoid ebay fees)
aliexpress 10s3p 7ah dual stack battery $85
10s 2a charger from aliexpress $15
pencil case enclosure $2 (no need for antispark)

Total: $360


I’ve done this multiple times and these boards kick ass in the UK.

Single C6374 170kv 50A Motor (Ebay, £37)
Dickyho single mount kit from ya boi £90
Connector pack also from ya boi: £5
Flipsky 4.12 FSESC Ebay £36
Used deck off FB marketplace: £10-25 (Can get some really nice stuff. You’re about to drill it anyway)
Batteries: Tricky part. LiPos if possible, if not 10S2P with fogstar cells built by someone good. £150
Remote: Come on, it has to be a mini remote lets get real £13
Enclosure: Depending on what you got, £10 nylon one ebay

That’s a total of about £350 and these things kick ass, use a shortboard and the board really doesn’t need any changes, the single 6374 (its actually 6372 but still) will give a massive kick for a shortboard.


As every summer for 2 years, I will bring back my Mad Surfer alive !

I think about 2 different setups possible … (dual motors both)

A poor hub motors setup :

Deck : DIY from marine plywood = +/- 50€
Motors : Hub motors kit with * = 95€
Trucks : caliber type *
Wheels : 90mm copy *
Mounts : none / hub motors
Pulleys : none / hub motors
ESCs : 2 x VESC 4.12 = 90€
battery pack : HK lipos, 6 x 2s or 4 x 3s or 3 x 4s for 12s5Ah = +/- 70€
remote : GT2B 20€
Loop key : XT90S = 5€
enclosure : none, its summer !

Total: 330

Or, a bit better powerful little but strong setup :

Deck : DIY from marine plywood = +/- 50€
Trucks and mounts : Kahua truck with motor mount = 145€
Wheels : Senior Pepe 90mm (kegel core) = 45€
Pulleys : Haggy motors and wheels pulley + belts = 80€
Motors : dual 5065 140kV = 70€
ESCs: 2 x VESC 4.12 = 90€
battery: HK lipos, 6 x 2s or 4 x 3s or 3 x 4s for 12s5Ah = +/- 70€
remote: GT2B 20€
Loop key : XT90S = 5€
enclosure : none, its summer !

Total: 575



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Yes, how dare I remove non-budget builds from the budget build thread. I’m a regular megalomaniac.


Nice ride. I am hoping to build something similar. Looking at your parts you used a few major ones from dickyho and it looks like he shut down his shop and I can’t see what the parts are. Any other links for them? Thanks a lot.