"Stella" Bro Deck/ 10s3p / Unity / Matrix II / Psychotiller Powerplants / Evolve Mounts [All Comments Welcome]

Now that we have a proper forum to run on, it’s time to publish my first build thread!

Meet Stella, AKA @mmaner’s wife

Current Planned
Deck @Haeroboards Bro 96 Deck - medium flex keeping it
Trucks Matrix II all metal Matrix II all metal
Bindings MBS F5 MBS F5
Wheels MBS Fivestar MBS Fivestar
Tires MBS 8" offroad MBS 9" offroad
Battery @joeyz5 10s3p Brick one not built by hyperion
Enclosure DIY Junction Box a slightly smaller box
Motors @psychotiller 6369 Powerplants @psychotiller 6369 Powerplants
Motor Mounts evolve mounts something lighter
VESC Unity Unity
Remote Maytech R2V2 Maytech R2V2

I started Stella right after Esk8 Christmas came


Important stuff fits in the dirt cheap enclosure quite nicely.

My boy Brad at @RipTideSports providing excellent customized bushing service!

Gotta make the child earn his keep

Starting to come together

Cable Braids for cleanliness

Tight clearance but it fits!

Making stupidly long motor sensor adapter cables… These ended up way too long. My fault for being safe I guess.

Blacked out the bolts for more cleanliness

More wire extensions and tidying up…

Waterproof gland is a PG style gland that fit the massive cable braids


I started out using a nano-x remote. I also stopped using a nano-x remote after it got physically stuck in full throttle after my maiden voyage around the block.

Switched to the mini remote (modded thanks to @avX)

And eventually switched again to the Maytech split trigger R2V2

And we’ve been best friends ever since. Cue end credits and awesome candid nature shots. Thanks for reading.

And last but not least, riding the track in Colorado Thunder in the Mountains


Beautiful! Just like my wife :slight_smile:


love it, Hurray for the DIY budget builders…
I feel like Adam Shadowchild
Tucked back in a pic



I was so bummed that I didn’t get to try your board out on the dirt track. Those F5 bindings were a dream. I bought them the next morning because I felt like I needed them on that dirt track.


Nice job! I always wanted to see a build thread for Stella…

On a separate note, @hyperion1 check your pm’s! :upside_down_face:

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Awesome build thread and I love the gif of it taking off when you throttled and it hit the rack.


Upgraded the trucks to matrix 2s after the ATS 12 trucks snapped underneath me.

Muuuuch safer. Back on track! Literally.


you need some new tires brother :slight_smile:


Balder than my dad


I sure do. Been contemplating the purple mbs tires but they’re like a lavendar color now. Maybe just go Electric green to shake things up.


How do you like them compared to the ATS trucks?

Got them installed just in time to leave for trivia night. I got to ride them on @J0ker’s @hyperIon1 board and it was enough to convince me to buy them. I rode a lot of spring trucks that week and didn’t like the feel compared to urethane. Maybe with elastomers springs would feel better. I will let you know after I ride them more. Still waiting on other shock block combos to try as well.


Man I miss riding that dirt track. If only you didn’t have bindings… would have loved a ride on Stella. GOOFY ALL DAY! Miss skating with m’buds


Oh wow that’s a comfy ride. I thought I was all high and mighty riding pneumatics on essentially skateboard/mountainboard hybrid trucks. The matrix shock blocks are like gel pillows. Cracks I used to brace for are no longer annoying. The blocks on either side style is super responsive compared to having a bit of slack to move around the board without turning. Definitely a carver. I can’t wait to get a 30° tip deck to unlock their full potential!

Also they’re noticeable lighter than my old trucks. Probably due to the lack of crossbars combined with aluminum being used instead of iron. I could easily hop the board a foot in the air. Landing got… interesting :sweat_smile:


Swapped the colt 90 deck to a blemished (though I see no blemishes) @MarkOneBoards mtb deck today and went on a maiden voyage. I needed a 30° tipped mtb to match my newish matrix 2 trucks. The colt 90 was only tipped at 20° and the turning was suffering badly. I had to loosen the bushings to the point where I was compromising speed and maneuverability. Going to ride this deck while my new DW2 deck is getting the special @sender treatment.

The board is pretty narrow at just under 8". I was pretty worried about that.

The binding bolt holes are also slightly wider than traditional so I had to modify my old f1 strap bindings instead of using my f5 bindings.

Not sure why the grip tape is at the deck tips and not the foot pads so I added a big ugly chunk to help.

The turning was immediately corrected. Hallelujah and thank you Jesus! I could tell the deck was more narrow and that took some getting used to. Surprisingly enough, my 10.5 size shoe rode it very well. My toes hung over the edge of the deck but I felt pretty locked in even for budget bindings. I adapted very quickly to the deck and found myself topping out my speed sooner than I expected on a new setup. I wouldn’t jump this board at a park but it felt sturdy with mild flex for me (150 lbs / 70 kgs).

I won’t mind riding this deck one bit until the new one gets done. I’d recommend it as a budget hybrid mtb at that price point.

Roll credits and ride shots.

@brenternet - best boy grip

@venom121212 - everything else


Looks shit.


Gear drive yet?

Just waiting on 2 o-rings to get the gear drive running on my second board. Will upgrade this one next pending awesome results.



They are too wide to fit unfortunately. I researched and asked mooner.

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