Sirantua 200x50 Rapid Tire wear vs similar looking tires

Per your request, it’s own post.

These tires marked Sarantua I found for $40.00 on amazon delivered set of 4 with tubes.
They were listed as CalPalmy?

I wore through them quick. but TBF I wear through tires quick. the short course race practice I do ( cones in a parking lot. ) eats them up a lot faster than just carving around on streets.

for example I’ve killed metroboard 155s in about 5 sessions, torqueboard 160s in about 3 sessions, evolve 150mm in about 4 sessions (and they had less grip), evolve 7" in about 3 - 4 sessions, kenda 909s in greater than 5 sessions. [ ok kendas held up best so far. ]

but that’s all fairly subjective. point is I’m killing tires somewhat quickly.

This Sirantua set I killed in basically 1 session. ( plus one ride. )

Amazon also happened to fulfill this order a second time with another set branded “quinda” which look exactly the same tread.

and @DEEIF has given me another set exactly the same tread branded “clever”

I’ll be riding those next so we’ll see how they do.

I’m guessing they’re all made by sunmate under different brands.


Can you get a METR log and a video of your short course sessions? I’m curious how much abuse you are putting them through


did you ride over the past two days? probably melted the second it touched the ground

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as you wish:

good point. short course racing was this morning, we were wondering if the added heat contributed. if it made things 4x worse. then these may be as good as any other.

the 15 mi ride was thur back bay loop. balboa island. ferry, beach. around 6ish. wasn’t so hot.


Price says everything
Had a set of those and killed them in about 150 miles of normal riding

K909 is the best tire I’ve ever had hands down.


do you remember how yours were branded?

curious if maybe different factories make the same tread pattern. and then it’d be hit or miss to compare them by looks. Though I suspect they’re all the same.

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Nah brother. It’s been a while. But just like you. Picked them up on amazon. Not worth it imo

Here are my 400 miles old kendas :grin:


good to know, thanks for the info!

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@Venom121212 seems to suggest they are different.

says he’s had good luck with these:

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Starting brand new Clever 200x50s

one 2h short course session…

Held up ok. subjectively I think much better than the Sirantua? though no crazy asphalt heat this time.

but it’s a single datapoint that added with the first one above suggests though they all look the same. they aren’t all made the same. ( factory QC? or different factories? )

cc @Venom121212


Those tires have been sitting in my basket for like six months. Glad I haven’t purchased them


Which tire is this? Kenda?

This one?


I think it’s that and the compound they put into the mold. I got a set of the same 4 x 9" tires and 2 were a much harder compound than the others.



I prefer the hard compound but I’ve never had them bubbly like this before. I think that’s the qc coming in to play.


Might also be the same wheels but with the shit ones left standing for years in a deposit somewhere. Rubber rots pretty easily unused for long periods of time


yep Kenda K909


Yes sr. Kenda

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feeling dumb, but I don’t understand what i’m looking at in these pictures.

Looks like the inside of a tire, sans tube, sans wheel


Yep, no context isn’t helpful. Inside of the “same” tires.

Tire nubs for scale

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