Semendeed 46 (Race Deck/Enclosure) - Expressions of Interest

Righto cocks! As most of you probably have gathered, I’ve been working on this deck/enclosure combo for a good few months now.

I’m confident that the combo is roadworthy but before fully committing to the project we’re hoping to put together a small beta group to get some feedback on it.

She measures in at about 1180mm and the standing platform has a slight taper, 280mm at the front, 270mm at the back.

There is a heavy W concave that tapers out towards the ends of the standing platform and a ‘bacon’ style concave profile that gives a really nice pocket to dig your back toe into for those who prefer an athletic stance.

The nose is at a 5 degree wedge angle and the tail at a -5 degree dewedge. There are 4 truck positions that will suit either a new school or old school mounting pattern as the spacings between the positions are the same as the spacing difference between new school/old school.

The enclosure is huuuuuuge. Can fit up to 80 x 21700 cells with room for electronics. The usable space inside the enclosure is about 700x220x30mm. Its single stack, but quite deep, so if you were determined on going double, it would likely be manageable with some gasketry.

I’ve been developing this with the intention that this be a race specific deck, but there is no reason to suggest that it can’t be used as a commuter or cruiser if that’s your thing.

The final look of the deck is still to be decided, hoping to figure a way to make it easily customisable. The one in the photos above has fibreglass as the faces, but there is just too much work in this for it to be a viable production method for me right now.

Decks produced in this beta will be 10 ply hoop pine construction, with 750gsm triaxial fibreglass pressed below the face layers. I will also be adding carbon fibre to the nose and tail for extraness.

The enclosures will be vacuum infused fibreglass, built to withstand pretty much anything you can throw at it. Please see the below video for an insight into how strong this construction method is :sweat_smile:

Fair warning: these are not cheap or easy to produce and it’s looking like retail price will be around $900-$1000AUD. This limited first run will be significantly cheaper, but to be eligible, it would be ideal if you can turn this combo around into a complete build reasonably quickly in order to provide us with some feedback in a timely manner.

Please only answer the below poll in a serious manner, really trying to get a feel for if this is going to be a viable project or not.

Cheers! :beers:

  • I am interested in a beta combo and have everything I need to build it out ASAP
  • I am interested in a beta combo but I DON’T have everything else I need to build it out
  • I am interested in purchasing in the future

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Fuck yeah Al, these look gorgeous :heart_eyes:


Got everything but battery. But can possible sacrifice commuter and use the 12s5p from that :thinking:. Or fashion a rubber gasket to use my 16s5p


Cheers dude :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I should note, i’ve left the poll as anonymous, so if anyone is super keen, shoot me a pm as well :call_me_hand:

Once we’re ready to move along with the beta i’ll either start a new thread or a group pm to discuss further details.


damn you alfredo. game on. battle Royal. i forfeit. fuck.

nice dick.deck i I meant deck.


Niiiice. How reasonable is a reasonable turnaround time? I think I have everything on order but would need to build out a battery for high voltage. But I do have a 12s4p I could throw in for quick testing.

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Will be getting this beta group done as a batch, and I need to order a bunch of materials to make it happen. Realistic timeline is likely 2-3 months til completion.


I think I could get all the needed parts in 2-3 months :laughing:

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I vote to rename this build “Alfredoseed”. :rofl:


I second this


I love this name so much


semenseed or alfredoseed?


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I wish you weren’t in Australia sometimes. This deck and enclosure combo is sick, but it would be pretty expensive for me to participate in this.

I’m hoping for a group buy to help with shipping

I suppose that depends on what “significantly cheaper” means. Guess I’ll see where I’m at when the time comes.

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seminAL 46

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Lol as much as I love the name as it is, it’s a placeholder for now.

@longhairedboy i need to do some numbers today to determine a final pricing for both (expected) retail and beta. But you are right, shipping this behemoth across the oceans will not be cheap I imagine.

While i’m doing number stuff i’ll look into shipping costs as well.

Pretty pleased with the response we have seen here and on the socials, so pretty happy to say that this is going ahead 100%


I told my girl about it and she cackled loudly. She doesn’t even skate and she wants to follow this project.


That’s reaching deep into winter season for those of us who don’t live on the upsidedown continent.
Something to consider when looking for quick feedback.

I‘m not at all into street boards, but that one looks very sweet. If I wouldn’t be in the county of no e boards on roads allowed, I’d be totally in for one!
Looking forward to updates on this one!

I also request a mtb as next project :point_up: