Free To Good Home - Deck Press - Melb, AUS

Righto cocks, I’m never gonna use this shit again so it’s all up for grabs.

The press, the deck molds for the Semendeed and the Step Bro, as well as the enclosure mold for the semendeed all included if you can get it off my property.

It took a tow truck and a lot of curse words to get it here, to get it out, you’re gonna need a couple of strong people, a tow truck and some sheets of ply would be pretty damn handy.
One of the castor wheels broke when I was moving it last time, but I managed to keep moving it by replacing the broken castor with a dolly (also included)

If nobody takes it, it’ll likely go up on facebook for the same deal, just really hoping someone here can take it!!!


Forgot to mention, also have enough veneers handy to make at least 4 decks I think, freeeee with the press.


How much would shipping be to Enceladus?

The buyer needs to remove it from the property. that’s the deal. it weighs about 500kg, bout 1500x1500x600, feel free to source shipping quotes.

My dude is saying about 177 gigadollars and he’ll pick it up and deliver it. I was just wondering if you could find a lower quote locally.

I really hope someone local picks this up and keeps that Semendeed project alive! Best deck ever!


Someone local who realized he just got R&D and materials for free, so the final product price don’t have to reflect those

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lol the product price never reflected that anyway and they were still expensive and not financially lucrative

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never said you were trying to make butter on my back, was just trying to deter someone who would think “hey that’s a perfect opportunity to make money out of the eskate guys” without doing it for the sake of eskate as you would have :call_me_hand:

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