DemonGeese | Semendeed | 21s4p | 2x D100s | 4wd

Finished product:

So, time for a new race board. I’ve been running the Northcamp for about 4 months and I’ve hit some ceilings, namely just the controllers. I’ve only raced it a few times, but there are things that just started nagging at me that could be better.

Top things:

  • Could be lighter so 21s4p instead
  • Shorter wheel base would be nice
  • Could be lower so single stack instead of double stack
  • Obviously needs better controllers so D100s
  • Greater lean (but that’s more tuning the 3Links)

The big theme is more maneuverability.

So, enter the chat the infamous @glyphiks SemenDeed.

This was actually the original platform that I wanted to build on but things just didn’t line up at the time. But I had the bright idea recently to reach out to see if there were any buyers who never got around to building theirs out. Long story short what would you know, a local had one!

Such beautiful curves I cannot wait. Wheel base I’m guessing will be 2.5” shorter. Enclosure is single stack so we should be able to drop it lower than the Northcamp.

The name comes from one of my favorite Gundams/Mecha Tallgeese in combination with the deck of course (updated thanks to @mr.shiteside, boards code name is GeeseSemen). Known for its iconic giant boosters strapped to its back.

So, starting on the battery which I cannabalized another build for. We’re going to get weird with it. The deck and enclosure has height in some places. Two groups will have to be staggered double stacked in order to fit 21s4p and controllers.


As much as I appreciate putting semen in stuff, DemonGeese I think perfectly describes all geese


So stoked to see another one getting built out!!! I think the enclosure at it’s shallowest point is about 37mm. At the very sides its quite a lot deeper, so possibly pushing rhe staggered packs right to the sides might be the go? Or maybe rather than having two cells as an upper layer, see if you can do just one right on the outer edge

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Sweet thanks for the info, yeah let me play with the layout more then.

@mr.shiteside haha that’s too true, I like that. I’ll rename it and it’s code name can be GeeseSemen lol.


Also that bms looks a little thick… you can get one of the new ones that’s only 10mm thick!AUD!88.18!59.09!!!56.71!!%40211bf49716918207645904509d074e!12000033726448610!sea!AU!2903796261!&isseo=y&algo_pvid=215c80cd-48fa-4ce6-8b45-b432773b49fe


Yeah the one picture is thicc, it’s from the 20s battery I just tore apart. The actual 21s one is much thinner, at least the one I have in the Northcamp looks about the size you linked. @Skyart to confirm dimensions. Otherwise might need to pick this up.

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This is awesome!


Yeah il be sending you the new version, its a much better form factor


Is there not enough width to do 3 rows parallel to the deck?

Hmm what do you mean? Maybe you can draw it out?


Yeah just give me a bit

But just turn the cells 90 degrees and you’ve got it. Interested to see if it’ll fit 3 rowss

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That battery wtf :rofl::rofl:

This’ll be a fun ride


Daaaaamn with the new D100s that might juuuuust fit. I was going to start welding today but now maybe I wait for the controllers to come in…

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Dude I can’t convey how sick this is, you are going to rip up the track.

There definitely is

I’ve done both 8s12p and 12s8p this way


Those gaps scare me haha


Update time spent a lot of time taking apart the 3Links in order to drop them lower, which is a whole process. I was drilling and incrementally dropping until I just said fuck it and dropped it to the max. Which meant having to drill all the way through the deck.

And so for a temporary time I have an ultra board :sunglasses:

This also meant finding a semi permanent spot for the trucks in order to cut the board tips. This allows me to flip the HD nose bracket up for more angles. Which is needed since the angles became shallower as I dropped the boards much lower.

Wanted to get much more done but didn’t have the right inserts, waiting for actual controllers to settle on battery layout, and need to do more in prep for design.

Design inspiration coming from this:


Going 85 and 54 motors?

I’ll be sticking to 4x 6355, the little motors seem more than capable to me so far. But I’ll be using the new v6 SKP 6355 so that should be fun. If I find I need more power or better cooling then maybe I’ll go to bigger cans in the back.


I found the angle gained by doing this rather negligible.
If you need more angle, delete the bracket and go right in the baseplate. The front hole you can do without cutting links, this is what I run.
You can get even more if you cut the links a little and put it in the back. That shouldn’t be needed unless you get freaky and droo the axel so far that the big nut needs to go up top of the baseplate.

Looking good dude! Always love seeing a Semendeed built out. Will be nice to have one racing stateside.