DemonGeese | Semendeed | 21s4p | 2x D100s | 4wd

Oh really, ok thanks for the info I’ll have to keep this in mind when I start tweaking ride feel. I don’t currently need a ton of lean yet. I was originally running stiffer bushings in front so having swapped that out already makes a world of difference.

Yeah I’m stoked.


As you can see, my axel is lowered about as far as it can go without putting the nut up top.
Beyond ride feel, the many different configurations to tune height and angles really make these a joy to use.


Oh I never even thought about putting the nut on top… would that still act as a jam nut though? Since we’d be jamming against the deck instead of the baseplate…

Shiiit I really don’t want to take it apart again lol. Not sure I could go lower though

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You’d essentially drill the through hole bigger then put the nut on the top of the baseplate I believe. Otherwise, no, I wouldn’t recommend doing this.

At that point it might be hard to get the radius rods mounted with enough angle for good turn tho. Not sure.

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Have ya seen how low you are already? I think you’re good :rofl:
@Zachsnotboard is the only one i remember who has ran the nut on top

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I can still just fit my fingers between the ground and the enclosure on full lean :crazy_face:


Quick updates mostly cosmetic stuff done, dyed and varnished the rail.

ESCs came and they’re going to be just small enough so that I can do the flat battery pack @Akbrock47. So, got them situated and anchored.

Gripped an wrapped the deck. Went for basic grip job this time, as I learned from the Northcamp racing is too intense for intricate designs. They were out of stock of the vinyl color I wanted so settled for this “fresh spring”. It’s not exactly what I had in mind but it definitely highlights the curves as I was hoping it would.

Got the inserts in as well, attached a popsicle stick to the drill to get that real thorough mix lol.

UPS ended up delaying my battery build but things are finally in so time to knock that out.


Very nice! Looking forward to seeing this complete.

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I’m just here for the waterfowl :eyes:


How are you dealing with temp, incase the D100s gets hot? Are you gonna install a heatsink?


Not too concerned about heat. The MakerXs have been pretty good about not getting hot due to their construction. And with 4wd I’m dispersing the work over two ESCs. My two D100 never got over 70c on the hottest summer days (in Portland at CarvePDX lol). But worst case yeah I’d probably mill a custom heat sink.


That heatsink is gonna be the biggest one I seen yet.

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It’s definitely be very wide yeah.

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Alright battery done, not my prettiest but should do the trick till I upgrade someday :smirk:. Power harness, power button, and loop key done done and done. Power harness was a bitch to solder but should be good to go. Things starting to get cramped already :grimacing:.

Green all across the board :partying_face:.

This loop key although very very premium sticks out a bit far. We’ll have to see the clearance at full lean. For peace of mind I may replace it with a basic one.

Up next? Phases, sensors, that’s right MODORS babeh. Will we get spin up this weekend!? Stay tuned.


I tinkerdicked a real stubby loop key fob thing a couple of years ago…

Maybe that helps :man_shrugging:


Lovely just what I need. Maybe I can paint it red so I still got that race car vibe @frame lol

paint? nah
vinyl wrap? hack yeah

Came real close fellas, but no cigar. Everything is wired up Minnie, remotes (ZMote and Puck), phases, sensors, loop key, and power button. It’s a goddamn rats nest, but it all fits and there should be no rubbing :crossed_fingers:.

I should be able to run motor detection tomorrow night, and then start loctiting it all up. Soooo close.



Bit of a random one… only because I think you have both? But how well do you think the tomiboi enclosure would fit the semendeed deck?

The TomiBoi segmented enclosure?