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Secret Easter 2021 - Awaiting gifts

Welcome to Awesome Gift Sharing Experience
As 3rd year in row Santa of Esk8, i welcome you to participate in this event.
This year we will change a little by taking into consideration your votes from here.


  • 31 of January is to sign up.
  • Draw of names will be at first week of February.
  • 3 days reading time and 50 received likes to be able to participate or be a “Regular”.
  • Preferred is tracked shipping. If sent untracked, sender is responsible for the missing gift and will have to sort it out.
  • If you decide to offer used gear, consider if you would like to receive the same. 
  • Gifts don’t have to be esk8 related. Gift cards are welcome

2018 Event
2019 Event

Shirt size
  • US XS
  • US S
  • US M
  • US L
  • US XL
  • US XXL
  • US 3XL
  • EU XS
  • EU S
  • EU M
  • EU L
  • EU XL
  • EU XXL
  • EU 3XL

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The time begins! Thanks for setting this up


Signed up and thanks @Grozniy if you need any help I don’t mind sorting names or whatever as I got a ton of time off

Also by post a comment you mean here or was I supposed to see it in the form?

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i mean here

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bruh, get in line


There is hope
If Brian gets me :sob:

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Lol no one is going to give away those wheels

nah fam u trippin balls


Yeah I know but may as well put it down just in case

and I want a million dollars :rofl:


Last time I think we sent gifting preferences via PM or the form. Do you really want them all here @Grozniy

It feels like that would get messy to me. Either way is fine I am just curious before we get too far into this if you’d want to add that to the form


Get to the back of the queue fella lmao


the probability is higher than getting tb130 :joy:

actually its a better idea, welp, now i gotta fill in the form second time


This method is substantially less work for Roman. He can just tell people their santee and tell em to find the wishlist in this thread.

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Agree, preferences and wishlist should be via form.

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That is a good point, I could see it being less work for him that way

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Not sure how? Roman has to look at the form either way to pass on the Address. On the same page is the wishlist of the chosen one.

The only way I could see it being less is if he only passed on the address and then let the person figure the rest out, but like I said originally inside the form makes more sense


The way im seeing it is that roman could just send this to the Santa/Easter bunny. (minus the email maybe, except if needed)

No need to write text or search for comments on either side.

1 screenshot with all Infos needed.

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I’m in, send me the million dollar and i’ll fly to the other side of the world to steal a bunch from the factory :crazy_face:

the mould and the thane formula will be good enough :crazy_face: