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Secret Easter 2021 - Awaiting gifts

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tbbt laser

I don’t like having to state my wishlist publicly. Especially since it doesn’t have to be esk8 related.
If it stays this way, think I’ll skip


In the form i see that there is an option to send internationally, which i can send internationally but not across the pond, i dont want shipping to be expensive so i can spend as much as possible in the gift.

Part of selecting a category would be considering shipping because the categories are At least $50 for gift + shipping cost and At least $100 for gift + shipping cost

That’s how I read it anyway

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Yes, I have that in mind, but what I meant was that if I have to ship to USA with tracking (just to be sure it gets where it’s meant to go) and I pick the 50€ option we would be talking about spending as much on shipping as on the gift.

When I could just ship to Germany for example and pick the 100€ option and make a greater gift at the same total cost.

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Yeah for that reason I selected that I cannot ship internationally

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Well I would choshe that option put in spain there arent a lot of esk8ters and i wouldnt mind shipping to europe.


@Grozniy seems like many people want it to be in the form rather then here

if you want i dont mind helping with sending pms to people with all the correct info and wishlists
got lessons all day but no exams this year so basically the rest of the year off

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? Quality education lol


??? where the fuck do you go to uni get me in on this


nope still in high school
i guess similiar to sat’s you take when your 16?

we get predicted grades based on our practise exams

Idk man I would feel much more comfortable with an adult handling my personal address information, no offense.


nah thats fine i understand you

obviously not gonna violate anyones privacy

Who are you calling an adult? I feel offended. I’m just a 29yo child :rofl:


By popular request, whish list is in the form. Those who already submitted, please re submit.


Thank you for your excitement but I’ll sort it out. Apply this excitement into the gift preparation.


just wanna help in anyway possible

thanks a lot

If you know you know :joy:


is it too much :joy: