Savage1 TKP Trucks

Dude, it’s gorgeous.


That build would be seriously cool to ride around a college campus!


Damn, that’s dreamy. Nice work!


Thanks guys :blush: She’s a nice ride. I’m really enjoying the trucks. I beefed up the bushing situation a bit. I put soft Chubbies on the board-side to give me more stability at high speed.


My recommendation differs from Phil’s.

Those who spend the majority of their riding in the mid to high teens will also greatly benefit from the Savage Trucks.

The trucks can be tuned to be carvy, super stable or somewhere in-between. The trucks allow for precise handling and easy control. I set up a pseudo course on a local hill to see how well I could control the shape and placement of carves compared to standard DKPs. Both trucks were using Riptide Krank bushings and cups. These trucks do an amazing job when tuned and were easier to control compared to DKPs. They also transition beautifully from carve to carve in part due to strong return-to-center action. I am not sure if I was able to go faster on the Savage Trucks but I did feel more confident and safe. I also like that I can easily control the radius of my turns. Tight quick turns, full body leans and sweeping giant carves were all easy to execute. Some trucks feel like a one trick pony and do not lend themselves to a wide range of turns.

I really think a wide range of riders will benefit from Savage Trucks. They are expensive for many but they do make a big difference in overall ride quality and experience.


I like your recommendation better.


Phil, I PM’ed you.

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There is an outlet that requires you to do this unless you have an extension. The mounts without the brace have these fangs that do a good job at keeping the board in place for situations like this since the surface that the board is resting on is sloped a bit. @Savage1 Maybe integrate a feature like this into a version 2 mount?