Race-N-Ride Fall 2023 at AVS

Race-N-Ride Fall 2023

When: November 18th and 19th 8am - 5pm

Official event page:

Hosted by @MoeStooge and his hand picked team.


Wooo! I’ll be there.


Copied from facebook event (2023-09-14)

Fall 2023 AVS PEV Race -n- Ride
Nov 18,19

EUC, E-Boards, E-scooters, E-Trikes, E-Bikes are ok for competition and freeride.
Any PEV deemed unsafe will be pulled from the event at the promoters discretion.
(No E- Go Karts or E-Drift Trikes)


Facility Entry $10 per person (this is collected by the facility at the entry gate, bring Cash)

PEV Rider/Racer $100 cover both days.

A release of liability waiver will be signed by each participant during check in at the track.

(advanced registration is strongly encouraged and includes an event T-Shirt)


• The facility gates open at 8am for parking and setup.

• Helmets must be used when riding any PEV at any time -even in the pit/parking areas!

• Speed limit for the parking & pit area is 5mph, please save the speed for the track.

Track Safety:

MINIMUM SAFETY EQUIPMENT: full face helmet, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, spine protector and/or leathers


Open track times for free riding will be announced as scheduled events have been cleared from the track. Please do not enter the track if the entry has been closed by cones or tape across, this is for everyone’s safety.

Scheduled Events;

RACE DAY Sat Nov 18

This will be a relay race consisting of teams of 5 racers running 3 laps each for a total of 15 laps.


Teams will need 5 racers, 1 scorer and 1 team captain (team captain may also be a racer). Each team must have at least 1 Esk8, 1 EUC and 1 E-Bike,trike or scooter. Each team must elect a team captain to be a point of contact, spokesperson and to represent the team during the event. The Scorer will record each lap time as their team members pass the start/finish line, (forms will be provided to each team for scoring)

RACE DAY Sunday Nov 19.

Qualifying and Progressive Main events.

Novice, Sportsman, Pro

Classes: Euc, e-sk8, e-bike, e-scooter, e-trike
(No e-drift trike or e-gokart)

More details on raceday format to be announced



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Hmm might need to make new friends for race day 1 lol


Here we go baby


That seems like a LOT of racing to fit into a single day (Nov 19). How is there going to be time for qualifying, heat(s), and finals for 5 different classes? Very interested to see what that schedule looks like.

Definitely will be interesting to see would’ve thought qualifying and stuff would be day one

I think the idea is the progressive mains will use less time than with heat races.

but don’t quote me. I’m recalling some old convo with @MoeStooge. and it’s fuzzy recall.

then further I assume with the staggared 3 at once qualifying, qualifying will get done quicker.

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Got my ticketsssss, who else?

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What’s the esk8 pro class prize?

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The Mten4

For pro class euc yeah. Not esk8

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I thought that’s pro class EUC

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Yeah my bad

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me totally having not built my board yet :crazy_face:

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