Precision Kegal pulleys

Hey all, I’m currently making a batch of precision machined Pulleys out of solid 6061 aluminum bar stock (so, one solid piece) to fit standard kegal cores, for a press fit application. There are 5 machined pins, 22mm length with a 1.6mm radius at the bottom. The pin diameter is 5.5mm held to a tolerance of +- .015mm. There is also a 22mm bearing seat bored to a depth of 7mm to accept either 608 bearings (8mm shaft) and 6900 bearings (10mm shaft) for 10-8 stepped axels.
Every 5 parts, I run an indicator down the tooth profile, to verify that the tool deflection has not reached more than .025mm.
That said, these are ultra precision pulleys, which does make a difference in a belt drive set up, along with precision mounts and hangers.
I’m currently machining 36T, 40T, and 48T pulleys. I will be making a few 60T pulleys, @Nacho, @brown5tick, but these would be a limited amount. Let me know if you are interested in 60T soon.
36T-40T.: $30.00 each
42T-48T : $36.00 each
60T : $45.00 each
(Prices are in USD)



These are ready to ship asap, yeah? Great price! :smiley:
Will probably pick up a 48T pair from you since 3DS is out of stock.


36 and 40 will be ready Tuesday


You’re a legend, badboy! :fist_right: :fist_left:

What’s the leadtime on the 60t’s?


Monday, 10/4/2021


What’s the use case for 60T? Wouldn’t the pulley be bigger than most Kegel core wheels?


Probably the cool hubs from @Bavioze
And maybe the Infinity from the surfing nacho dude, I’m guessing


how to we place an order? just here?

i want a pair of 36t and 60t


I am also interested in a couple sets.


For now, you can dm me until I get things set up officially.


two of these and a set of 48t :call_me_hand:


Put me down for a set of 60t
And a set of 48t


My 36t pulleys came in today and I have to say these are very beautifully machined. They spin with absolutely no wobble, the belt fits perfectly, and the pegs are a nice tight fit into the kegel cores. I seriously can’t overstate how precisely machined these are. Nice work @Savage1

Perfect fit

However… they don’t fit on Caliber 2 trucks. Even sitting flush with the truck on the back side, the axle is recessed below the bearing.

The spot where the pulley bearing goes sits pretty high up off the kegel rim

Back is flush with the bottom of the bearing step, and the 22mm bearing hole even fits over the caliber truck (just barely). Obviously I can’t run it this way, but even if I could the axle isn’t long enough.

Looks like Dickyho’s version on eBay solved that problem by creating a dome shape which allows the pulley bearing to be seated just 4mm from the wheel bearing.

I think I’ve got about 4-5mm of axle length that I could give up and still get enough threads on enough to hit the nylon in the lock washer. These pulleys have about a 13mm offset without the bearing and 20mm with the bearing.

Soooo now I’m not sure how I’m going to use these. Two options that come to mind:

  • Different trucks - TB 218? Even with the extra 10mm axle length, I’m not sure these would fit with the bearing at a 20mm offset.
  • Drill or grind out the bearing step so the truck slides all the way down to the wheel bearing. Might have to slightly round the edges of the trucks as well. Drill & tap bolt holes between the pegs so the pulley can be bolted to the wheel from the outside using a smaller diameter M4 bolt so the pegs still do all the centering.

I’d rather not return these as the snug peg fit and prefect tooth profile is hard to give up.

Any ideas?


These are never going to fit on Caliber2 hangers, you need to buy a Boardnamics 184mm hanger which have longer axles and is a drop-in replacement.

Or, you can do this old trick:

…but I recommend the @Boardnamics hangers


Awesome video, that’s much easier than trying to grind up the pulley lol


If you need any further help from me, let me know, and I’ll assist you if needed.




Are they compatible with Evolves Dkps?

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Awesome! Now try this :slight_smile:


Lol yeah please dont do that

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Now, put a 608 bearing in the pulley.
I hate to say this, but with the condition of that mount, coupled with that hanger, it might be hard to get the motor pulley running true to the wheel pulley.