Pinecil USB C PD Soldering Iron gets it's own thread.

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Universal praise more or less

Can you make custom pictures/animations?

Not a Pinecil (PTS200) but a worthy opponent from AliExpress. USB-C only, max 20V5A 100W 450c. Open source GitHub repository. Adapters for both tip types T-12 & TS.

Not well documented, buttons ‘jiggly’, silicone sleeve slides off but does the powaar very well.

Amazon showed up with the USB-C cable upgrade today, although you can see the watts pulled via the pen interface but prefer the big number temp displayed instead

Nintendo switch charger & 26w @20v is all I have to offer so the 15s it took to get to 450c should come down considerably with an upgrade, it doesn’t feel like it’s necessary tbh

Wait, so theres no need for a DC adapter? Directly powered via a phone charger even?


Yeah Linny USB-C can be used to deliver power (PD).

There are adapters to allow the use of an old laptop charger. 20V 65W 3A iirc is what you want to feed a pinecil.

You can even buy or make a portable PD bank like this

Totally fits this thread, I mean the name is basically Pine TreeS 2

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Lol :joy:okay I’ll stop :stop_sign:

Not so important with a real Pinecil which has a DC jack, but a device like this would allow you to run your Pinecil/variant & also charge high speed charge devices like mobiles/laptops etc by converting the old charger into a USB-C PD

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There is an entire thread detailing things like that

I wonder how long the USB C connector will be ubiquitous… like 100 years??

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Didn’t see that thread good cross-link, I’m a fan of ‘C’, when USB ‘D’ comes out expect memes :joy:

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I got one when they came out, it blazes to 400°C with 60W USB-C, XT-90s are a breeze.

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