OhMyKase! • First shorty kicktail build

I “finished” building my Hercaleez land cruiser last year (are they ever truly finished?) and it was a lot of fun, and it also made me realize I knew it wouldn’t be the last one I’d build. I saw a lot of short boards posted in the past and I kind of got the itch to build a smaller deck with a kick tail. Nothing ridiculous but something I could put a few miles on and just have fun with. Enter, OhMyKase.

Based on a Loaded Omakase deck I wanted something that was pretty straight forward but didn’t really want to skimp on quality. My original plan was to have my motors forward-mounted, which I may still try and do, but I’m not super hell-bent on it. Depends on enclosure clearance. This will be a thane board (obviously). Right now here are the parts I’ve got lined up:

• Loaded Omakase deck
• eBoosted enclosure (Coyote/Kut-thaka)
• Skyart 12s3p P28A pack
• MakerX DV6 ESC
• Boardnamics 184 hangers
• Boardnamics adjustable baseplates
• Riptide Krank bushings (93a)
• MAD CNC bushing cups
• TB 6355 190kv motors
• Boardnamics caliber II mounts
• Flipsky VX4
• 85mm Orangatang Caguamas (blue)
• 40T Boardnamics kegel pulleys
• 16T motor pulleys
• Custom XT90 riser loop key

I am planning on making and installing a loop key for this build which will be my first. Been researching a bit to find any interesting 3D-printable designs for it and found one setup on here I want to try and make work. I’ve printed and installed it and so far it looks like it should work well. I will probably pick up a BLE module as well for easier tuning.

I will be installing the enclosure and inserts into the deck myself, which is also a first for me. I got some M4x8mm soft wood inserts that I’ll use (first ones I ordered were too long) and will glue/epoxy them in.

I’m trying to decide between keeping it real simple and almost “stock” looking, or going the opposite and stripping off the grip tape and doing something like a hand-painted design or whatever. I have a hard time leaving shit alone as-is, but a stock Omakase has a nice look to it. Maybe just custom grip tape. Who knows.

I was able to source a lot of parts here from fellow forum members. You know who you are, and thank you!


Love it! I had a similar build but with hubs on a Loaded Poke. Was so fun, I definitely need another shortboard in my future. Looking forward to seeing how you like this.




Man, this is exactly what i want. Love it!


I’m not sure how much you weigh, but I’m fat (98kg) and I’ve found 89A or 90A to be really good for these kinds of boards. (At 50/50 or 50/44 or 52/44 angles.) If I was lighter, probably even those would be too stiff for me.

Although this deck does have a longer wheelbase than I usually use, so maybe 93A would be good. :thinking:

This build is a perfect candidate for @janpom’s captured loop key riser


sick build!! always love a build like this


Absolutely beautiful build :heart_eyes:


Clean as a whistle, nice work :+1:

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I’m also about 98kg. I wasn’t sure what to do for duro on these so I went heavy to start, figuring I could always go down if I want it more carvy

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I saw this and I might print one and see how it is compared to mine. Kind of inspired mine. I can’t take credit for the riser; I found the file from someone on here. Will see how it works out! Everything’s epoxied into place on the inside on the riser and loop key

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Nice & clean :star_struck:


I love this build. My very first build was a double kick and I love kickball builds. Especially when the components are all solid like this one. Makes me want to do another short-ish longboard build like my LY Dinghy nickel but slightly bigger.

Also, Simon says he needs a bigger board. I don’t really need excuses to build, but I’ll accept them.


Id donate that old james kelly arbor of yours to simon


I totally forget to mention that this is one of the sickest implementations of a loop key I’ve seen yet. Would be something else if loop keys went more mainstream because of shit like this. I Feel like most builds are button start these days, but I want to see more of this.

that’s actually a great idea. with kegels. I need to find it. I think the enclosure is still good too. I have an old LHB dual 6355 9mm belt drive that would be fine for him too. I could have him on an original 2016 retromod.


Definitely will incorporate this in a future build since it’s such a great way to add security to a board.

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The rona roller is still one of my favorite builds on here.

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Its servicable. DM if interested, yours for shipping cost if ya want

No they never are lol. Looking like this will be a sick build, I like the loopkey idea in the riser. Also, makes me think that’d be a good spot for other things like range extender.


Learning to stop working on a board, and just ride it until it stops working (while building another one, of course) might be a strategy you haven’t tried yet :smirk:

It maximizes riding while minimizing servicing