*Nutty 100-40* Subsonic Century AVIO mk2 P42A 13s4p

Oh boy this is my first build thread. Preliminary stages for now. Gonna be mostly photos until the build firms up. I’ve got almost everything in hand. Drives are in customs.

The heart of it:

  • Subsonic Century 40 + eboosted enclosure
  • Molicel P42A 13x4
  • nuttyjeff AVIO mk2, haggy trucks, bergs
  • no bms


  • escs

MK1 drives standing in for this photo.

Thanks @avX @haggyboard.timo @eBoosted @Bradley @KfromtheBay

Lots of photos coming!

Parts (sigh gonna take photos of all this shit)

  • board
    • deck + grip
    • enclosure
    • gasket
    • inserts + screws
    • truck mounting hardware
    • velcro, dual lock, VHB tape
    • option: handle
  • battery pack
    • cells
    • cell insulator
    • hot glue
    • fish paper
    • nickel 0.20 25mm
    • corner chomper (on order)
    • welding jig
    • welder
    • series silicone wire 14awg or 12awg
    • 10awg main power leads (maybe 12awg x 2)
    • balance wire 22awg red and black
    • jst xh terminals
    • jst xh 14 pin housing
    • jst crimper
    • kapton tape
    • filament tape
    • heat shrink for p-groups
    • abs sheet for p-groups if have space
    • 120-160A fuse
    • 13 x p-group fuses 3a
    • big ass bullets
  • electronicals
    • SP20 14pin balance points
    • SP13 2pin charge port (on order)
    • 10a charge port fuse
    • escs – options: focbox, escape, unity, neo6
    • NO BMS
    • probably as150 loop key, will decide late
    • cable mgmt
    • remote (probably @dani chubby, waiting on pots and lipos)
  • trucks drives wheels
    • kahua trucks (delivered)
    • option: ~40deg baseplates (deck has +10 -10 wedge)
    • avio mk2 (delivered)
    • bergmeisters
    • spare wheel (delivered)
    • slime (need to order)
    • risers
    • bash guards (to be printed)
    • oh hey I forgot motors, psychotiller maytech 6369 200kv
  • outboard
    • smartbms with display in enclosure for quick portable voltage check
    • smart balancer 2A for maintenance
    • charger

ahem :woman_astronaut:

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Gonna try the 2 pin version for charging

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You could check @professor_shartsis not following the thread rules on the dickosaurus contest thread.


Connector Notes

Did I say mostly photos? :grimacing:

I’ve been piling notes into a markdown document…

General thoughts

  • for motor sensors, buy in pairs. For charge ports, better to be able to buy separate M/F.
  • plastic connectors have o-rings and screw-on caps
  • plastic 13mm connectors have high current pins


Metal Body GX series

  • metal bodies
  • can buy m and f separate
  • many types
  • rubber caps
  • not waterproof

My thoughts: since not waterproof, not appropriate for permaconnected
(motor sensor). The cap is not threaded, so not great for usually
disconnected (charge, balance).


  • 2-7 pin: 3A


  • 2-4 pin: 7A
  • 5 pin: 5A
  • 6-10 pin: 3A


  • 2-5 pin: 10A
  • 6-7 pin: 6A
  • 8-14 pin: 5A

Plastic Body

https://www.weipuconnector.com/Product_show_43.htm (this is a reference, not the oem)


  • can’t figure out the difference
  • waterproof with o-rings
  • screw on caps


  • 2,3 pin 1mm pins: 5A
  • 4,5 pin .7mm pins: 3A


  • 1 pin: 25A

  • 2 pin 1.8mm pins: 10A

  • 3-7 pin 1mm pins: 5A

  • 9 pin: ?

  • weipu has 1.6mm pins (2,3) 13A, 1mm pin (4-7.9) 5A

  • weipu has SY bayonet connectors


  • 2,3 pin 1.8mm pins: 10A
  • 4-7,9 pin 1mm pins: 5A


  • 2-3 pin 1.5mm pins: 10A
  • 4-7,9,10 pin 1mm pins: 5A
  • there is a 12 pin but can’t find specs


  • 2-5 pin: 25A
  • 6-7 pin: 10A
  • 9,10,12,14 pin: 5A


  • 2-5 pin 3mm pins: 25A
  • 5B connector 2x3mm 30A, 3x2mm 5A
  • 5,7 pin 2mm pins: 15A
  • 9,12pin 1mm pins: 5A


  • 2-4 pin 3.6mm pins: 45A
  • 3,5,6,7 pins 2.8mm pins: 25A
  • 9,10,12,14,16 pins 1.8mm pins: 10A
  • 19,22,24,26 pin 1mm pins: 5A

Nope, he’d just accuse me of collusion with the lizard people or some such :grin:.


Not before giving plenty on non scientific , scientific evidence for their existence and subsequent extinction… maybe, probably true.

But back to this mostly picture build… following. :laughing:


I just wanted to reserve a spot in your thread to say congrats when the build is done!

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Adding to my watch list. :slight_smile:

Solid component list. This will be a nice build!

Have you considered internal FlexiBMS instead of the external BMS? You should be able to fit it in. It’s very small. Having used both external BMS and internal Flexi, I wouldn’t go back. It just makes charging so much more convenient.

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Thanks @janpom. I want it, but it’s a little expensive for me, and not so available. And a bit too new – for BMS I want to get in at version 1.0 or later. :slight_smile: Almost 100% what I’d like though. @DerelictRobot make your version soon!

For convenience, I think initially I’ll check balance before and after rides and charges, but after I understand how it’s behaving, most likely I’ll charge to 90-ish percent, discharge to like 40%, and balance once a month if that. Mostly just ignore that it has no bms. :slight_smile: My main ride has gotten this treatment, so nothing new to me.




Are those tires and tubes newly delivered this week? I’ve been trying to inquire if the v2 tubes were in stock on the website and haven’t been able to get a response.

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Just got them. I think they’re v2.


How do we find out? Anyone have markings to compare the old and new?