Neo Deck Build (Name ideas wanted)

Hey guys, this build thread is way overdue but here it is!

Back when Jeff Wu was thought to be the greatest thing to happen to eskate and was running the first group buy for his Neo deck I bought one! The one I received had a few scratches but nothing major compared to those who received cracked decks and never got a replacement.

The overarching goal of this build was for it to be flight safe and disassemble and be reassembled with the least amount of tools possible.


Deck: Neo deck

Trucks: Caliber 50°

Motors: loaded/unlimited hub motors

ESC: Esk8 supply dual vesc (based on vesc…) 6

Remote: The Remote included with the Esk8 supply

Battery: Custom 30q 10s3p modular pack

BMS: Daly charge only

Now on to the build!

General Assembly:

Because I wanted to be able to disassemble everything super easily I lined the bottom the decks cavity with velcro (if we’re gonna be correct and all with vesc trademarks I’ll do it with velcro to. It’s really hook and loop😂) Holes were then drilled for the charge port and power switch and the deck was ready for components to be mounted!


Drivetrain assembly was as simple as installing a normal skate wheel! Just slide the motor onto the truck and tighten the bolt! The loaded hubs are really nice and having orangatang thane is a massive plus!


The biggest challenge of this build was definitely the battery. I wanted it to be flight safe and super easy to assemble/disassemble. I ended up learning the very basics of Kicad and designed some pcbs. For my first pcb design I am very happy with how they turned out!

Each 2s3p module has a jst connector for the balance wires and bullet connectors for the series connections on the end. The inner series connection is done by the pcb.

Final Product:



@b264 thanks for inspiring me to actually make this build thread!


How many bat. amps can the vesc push? Might be interesting for a commuter with about 30 Amps per Motor.


I think it could do 60 continuous battey amps.

The biggest downside with this vesc is that you can’t update the vesc firmware if you want to keep the extra remote functions it comes with like the battery indicator and therefore I wouldn’t recommend it.


Many people dont know how friggin huge this deck is. I love the build!


Yup! It’s MUCH bigger than people think😂 I was really surprised at its size when I received it.


I mean the newest firmware is not kinda what I am after, it made more problems than it solved so far. In my experience 5.xx
The problem I am facing is that the shop is in the UK and getting something from there is currently harder than winning the lottery. :smiley:

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It’s more of a problem further down the line when the bugs of newer features get ironed out. For example I wasn’t able to use HFI on this build since I couldn’t update the firmware. I think it now ships with more up to date firmware tho.

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Very nice build, love the clean look, the battery pcb and the logo on the deck !
Good job man

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Thanks! Appreciate it!

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I’ve heard it makes for a great snowboard too.


You didn’t miss much, HFI absolutely refused to work with Loaded hubs after hours of tinkering >_<


Was considering buying a new vesc just to use HFI😂 Thanks for the heads up!

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They legally must give you the source code. We can fix this…

Ask them for the source files


The Wu Who build!


The Wu thane clan


I know… I (and you :joy:) have tried and got nowhere…

Also tried with bound motor…



Following the law is not optional.


It’s not but as long as the supplier in China can continue selling there product without repercussions I doubt we’ll see that source code…

I’d recommend immediately starting a chargeback if you’ve asked in writing, that’s one of the only ways to get a business’s attention.

You weren’t shipped the product you paid for.