need help with wiring 6 x 2s LIPO batteries to BMS and charger

dear friends,

I am currently working on a lipo battery pack for my racing board.
Because this is something that could being dangerous, I would like to ask if someone with more experience could comment my plans before I connect everything :wink:

I have 6 x 2s lipo batteries which I like to use as a 12s block.
I also like to charge the full 12s with a basic 50.4v charger from my other 12s (liion) skateboard.

To balance the cells, I plan to connect a 12s balancer between the lipos.
I attach images about my wiring idea.
Would it also be possible to use 2x 6s balancer? (second image)

the products I got in front of me:

please correct me if I am doing something stupid here!!! I dont like to burn my house…

thank you for any help.

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked and addressed questions on this forum.

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that is a massive answer, thank you @glyphiks for the links.
so anyone who is same stupid like me, may find this compilation in the future also helpful.

(I did some search here in the forum but seem like I have to improve my search skills)

@glyphiks ok after reading the suggestd posts, I think that my wiring is correct.
But it would be nice, if you could take a look at the diagram and tell me if its ok.

Iam did it according this. No issue. How to install electric skateboard BMS complete tutorial - YouTube

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thank you for that. @Facko
this is really easy to follow.


Your diagram looks correct to me.

What’s a little more concerning is that your BMS appears to only be an active balance board and is seemingly missing some other useful features that help keep our batteries safe.

Personally I’d recommend using something like the JBD/LLT smart bms. This one is my favourite at the moment!AUD!AU%20%2456.23!AU%20%2439.36!!!!!%402101d1b216750809397137830e11b9!12000030869191816!btf&_t=pvid%3Abd3c0387-5a56-4ee8-9571-1b859c303fce&afTraceInfo=1005004879661293__msite__c_ppc_item_bridge__xxxxxx__1675080940&spm=a2g0n.ppclist.product.0&gatewayAdapt=Pc2Msite

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the link is not available in germany, says alibaba… :frowning:
is this the one?:

Its not the same one that I linked, but it will do the same job :+1:

This one will offer several charge protections and also allow you to monitor the individual voltage and other information of your cells via bluetooth.

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ok. nearly done now.
everything is working fine. thx for checking.

i did 2x 3x2s
one 3s pack is soldered together and wrapped
the other is connected individually.

when the new bms arrives, i will change it.