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MT 6396 custom kV GB - poll 1st

From :

Hi there,

as said in the other topic about the MT 6396, we will try to see if we could make a small GB to could put our hands on some custom low kV of this big boy!

As you probably know, we have an MOQ of 20 motors to custom the kV.
I’m already using Maytech enclosed motor (with Overion specification), 6374 130kV since summer 2017. And I use them on MTB mainly, trying to play hard ^^ and hybrid AT board with GD.
Just want new ones to could use both at the same time (6374 on the hybrid and now 6396 on the MTB)!

All spec. :

So, we need to be at least 10 (ordering a pair) to make this happen. They say the production should take roughly 1 month.
@Sender will receive the US package, and I will receive the EU one (shipping will be recalculated once we know whos in).

Ok, now, please only vote if you want to buy 6396 <150kv motors at $98.9/pc !

  • 140 kV
  • 130kV

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I will close the pool tomorrow night (in France)… maybe on Friday if some are late.
But we have to make it quick enough to not wait until the end of their holiday next year!

Then, I will MP itch one of you to start the process :wink:


Damn. No 150kv option this time? :cry:

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Super tempting, price even with some customs/duty/tariff would be relatively low i suppose for a custom KV.

I will think about this one, I need to start getting parts for the DWII Anyways.

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170kV already available is so close … I sware I did not do that because I would prefer the 130kV …
Plus Bioboard will get them (6396 150kV) soon !

Sorry mate …

Edit : 140kV not cool enought ^^ ? Only 3 min folks left and we are good to go !

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I dont think they can make 140kv, its 110,130,150,170 etc


Ok, thanks for letting me know ! … they didn’t tell me they cant … but, I’m already writting to them ^^


I voted but im not 100% sure that I will pull the trigger on them. Anyway would be cool if they could make 140kv.


Me too voted but I’m pretty sure I cannot! Sorry


I know I don’t need it, but man do I want it…


If more people want in, what’s the next discount brackets?

Btw I’m ok with 130 or 140kv. I don’t mind either.

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I think its more than +100 or even +200 pcs … I could always ask when I know how many we are.

I think the will not fit on my gear drive.
with the adapter plates they are too long and will hit the base plate :unamused:

I’m in for set. All black/debranded would be nice. I have no idea how I’m gonna hook these up to the spiral gear drives but I guess I’ll have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

Yes, if this is a custom order it would be cool to have the mounting holes be standard…

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I obviously think we should use a Sender Skates logo.



Ok guys,
Some seams to have vote without being sure about it :sweat_smile:
please, note that I was hoping to make it happened soon, I mean ASAP! This is supposed to be a 2019 GB, Maytech told me that they could still make it possible before their big new yr holiday!
We are already 15. I can make another pool, hoping that only those sure to order now, and ready to pay for the GB will vote :slight_smile:
But maybe it’s better to wait so - I mean I keep messaging them but we could order later with the production start of next year… ?
What did you prefer a lot of us seems to be interested, but not sure yet. Whos really in ?! :crazy_face:
I personally could wait … I just need them for the winter building.

So please, only already trully interested people vote !

  • I’m in ! [EU]
  • I’m in [US]

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(I need to know a definitive number)
I make it like this so if I’m the only EU guy or the majority are US, they could maybe make another GB for them to get them quickly …

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It does not bother me, but I can understand ^^

the pb is :

the other set of screw that maintain big bearing in is really close to the standard 63XX pattern.
It is possible, but if they don’t make it …
We could have a sure pattern of 3 holes if we rotate it by 45° (hope it still work with GD with mtb truck for exemple - about the phase wires)

Ah, that makes a lot of sense. That bearing is the best part of these motors, so be it :slight_smile:

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Also remember, my boy, @akhlut can make custom mounts that are fucking beautiful and fit whatever mounting hole pattern.

Matt put some pics up of your new dragon mount! Glorious.